Talalay’s Journey: from Seed to Mattress

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Everything has a story, even mattresses. That might sound like a snooze-fest… how could the story of a mattress—where it comes from and how it’s made— possibly be a very fascinating tale? Well, when it comes to Talalay latex, it’s actually a remarkable story, so let us tell about the journey of this impressive product. The journey of Talalay latex … Read More

Natural Latex: Benefits of Talalay Latex

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Natural Latex: The Benefits So, what is Talalay anyway? Talalay is the process of rubber latex being molded into the mattress from whipped liquid rubber, producing the most consistent latex available. Though there are multiple options, Talalay latex is considered to be the supreme, when it comes to creating quality. This is the way strong mattresses are made. Currently, Connecticut … Read More