Natural Latex: Benefits of Talalay Latex

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Natural Latex: The Benefits

So, what is Talalay anyway? Talalay is the process of rubber latex being molded into the mattress from whipped liquid rubber, producing the most consistent latex available. Though there are multiple options, Talalay latex is considered to be the supreme, when it comes to creating quality. This is the way strong mattresses are made. Currently, Connecticut and The Netherlands, are the only two places in the world where this form of natural latex is being created.
Natural Talalay latex came out on the market in 2005. Less than eleven years later, this is now the most consistent of its’ kind. Talalay is very durable and can last a lifetime. This equals long-term savings and extra vacation money.
Talalay is very light and fluffy feeling. When sleeping on a natural latex mattress made with Talalay, it’s almost like floating on air. It’s also moisture resistant. You can really trust that mattresses made with Talalay latex are truly organic, as they are made from rubber tree sap… this is good for your body and your lungs. As a hypoallergenic product, Talalay is fantastic for those who live with major allergies or anyone with breathing conditions.
Not only is Talalay used in quality mattresses, Talalay can also be found in mattress toppers and pillows – to prepare you for an extra cozy sleep.

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Like everything on the market nowadays, there are both natural and blended products. Even though this goes for Talalay as well, we believe in natural products at M&N Mattress Shop. That’s why we sell Savvy Rest mattresses at our Parksville mattress gallery. They are made with natural Talalay latex as well as Dunlop latex. What does this mean? For one, they are 100% natural. They are chemical-free, organic, and anti-bacterial.
It is true, you do get what you pay for. Go for value versus price, any day…
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