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I am extremely pleased with my new mattress.

Sleeping better and with the foot elevation it is helping with my swelling feet. Love the trick of raising both the head and foot to change sheets to make the bed. So easy.


Eva Del Castilo, Qualicum Beach
June 2024

First of all, thank you for the great service we got from your store. So far so good with our new mattress, took a bit to get comfortable sleeping on it. But we really like it and would definitely recommend your store and this mattress and I love the platform bed. Outstanding service. Outstanding mattress.

Bob & Cathy McCelland, Qualicum Beach
June 2024

We appreciated a non-pressure sales approach. Your assistance in providing multiple options was much appreciated.

We find the mattress comfortable, cooling and easy to fall asleep on.

The delivery crew were careful, fast, friendly and efficient, overall a pleasant experience.

Helen & Chuck Taylor, Parksville
May 2024

When my husband bought the Haven mattress bed system none of us had tried it. He thought it would be good for my restless legs. Well it made that problem worse for me. I spent lots of nights sleeping on my recliner.

Well he gave in and we came to M & N Mattress shop and bought me the Ironman mattress. I have slept in my own bed since.

This mattress is extremely comfortable and some mornings I don’t want to get out of bed.

Love it……..

Betty Gallacher, Parksville
May 2024

Thank you Mark.

My bed is very satisfactory again with the purchase of the new mattress. The old one lasted nine years, so time for a new one, - the ironman beds are great.

S. Neugebauer, Qualicum
May 2024

My comfort level has been elevated 100% with my new mattress. It’s so much easier to roll over, the adjustable settings helps with enjoying sitting up to read in bed. The service men were so reliable, helpful and friendly.

Eleanor Thompson, Parksville
May 2024

We have been enjoying our new mattress for just over a month now and are very pleased with the purchase. It was a pleasure dealing with all the employees of M&N from start to finish. We could highly recommend!

Brian & Patricia Adam, Nanoose Bay
May 2024

I love my Ironman Recovery mattress!!

I have 6 different forms of Arthritis which can become very painful. The mattress helps me be able to have a better sleep with its supports.

Thank you for your wonderful service and support.


Ann Klees, Qualicum Beach
May 2024

M & N Mattress were very helpful and answered any questions we had. The original mattress I purchased was too hard. They exchanged it for a softer one with no issues.

We are very happy with our purchase and would highly recommend this business.

Thanks again Mark and staff.

Elaine Smith/Rob Walker, Parksville
May 2024

I suffer back and circulation issues. I appreciate the Ironman Recovery Mattress and it’s different positions especially ‘0 Gravity’ for my circulation!

M&N Mattress Shop is a pleasure to deal with… I am very pleased with my purchase.

Suzie Bruce, Qualicum Beach
April 2024

So happy with my Ironman set (3 rd one bought in family). Good sleep ache’s + pains going away slowly and if you have back problems this is what you need. Customer service to the max. All around great place to buy anything.

Margaret Sailes, Parksville
April 2024

Many thanks to Sukh for talking us through choosing a new mattress, it’s so nice to wake up without a sore back & enjoying a much better night’s sleep.

This is our 3rd major purchase from M&N Mattress & Sofa – definitely our ‘go to’ place to shop!

Linda Tyler & Bill Laydon, Qualicum Beach
April 2024

We were impressed with the informative and helpful presentation regarding which mattress would best suit our needs.

The two young men who delivered the mattress and adjustable base were efficient, polite and friendly.

We are enjoying the comfort of our new mattress and base. Many thanks to the management and staff for excellent service.

Anne MacLeod, Qualicum Beach
January 2024

Considering I was already sleeping on a $8k Hypnos spring mattress, I wasn’t sure if there would be much improvement in my stiff back every morning by purchasing the “Ironman Pure Energy Plus Natural Series” latex mattress. I had already began doing a few new exercises to help the back and wasn’t sure what to expect. I can say without a “doubt” that after the first night of sleeping on the Ironman I wokeup with a rested painfree back, amazing, the first time in years. And I can say that it is a daily occurrence now, my back feels so much better in the morning now and I get great sleeps. So it looks like it’s a keeper.

It was a pleasant experience dealing with Suhk at M&M and their installers for the mattress and bedframe.

With only 4 months of ownership, I can’t speak to any warranty issues or how Ironman/M&M handle these types of issues. I’m sure customer satisfaction is their answer. But with a 25 year warranty on this particular model I suspect I won’t have any issues. I would recommend this mattress to anyone, yes this model is a little expensive, but is a painfree back worth it!

W. Sexsmith, Qualicum Beach
December 2023

We are enjoying our new adjustable king bed. Our only complaint is that it is so comfy we don’t want to get up earlyt! As always, great service from M&N Mattress Shop.

Rod & Michelle Stewart, Qualicum Beach
October 2023

Dear Sukh,

Unfortunately I have M.S. and a good nights sleep is helpful in dealing with my symptoms. Prior to getting our new Ironman bed that wasn’t happening. My husband snored terribly and I had to deal with different aches and pains.

Since getting our new bed things have changed. There is no snoring and both of us feel well rested after a good nights sleep, the difference has been amazing!! Thanks to the Ironman bed.

Pauline Merrell-Nugent, Parksville
October 2023

What a difference to my sleep now with the new Ironman Recovery mattress. True to its name, it has offered recovery. Previously I was suffering with severe hip pain when in my former bed. Almost instantly that changed. Being able to raise both the head and feet positions has offered a much more relaxed sleep and the comfort of it is amazing. I thank my son for insisting I purchase this bed. No more tossing and turning to be comfortable. When Mark showed me this bed and let me try it, I was amazed. Thanks to Mark, and M and N Mattress, I face the day with a much more positive attitude. I sincerely recommend this bed.

Joyce Willing, Parksville
October 2023

Both Greg and I love our new bed! We get up each day feeling well rested & look forward to going to bed every night. The service we received from everyone was exceptional & I have encouraged others to shop at M&N as well.

Greg Goodman & Annagret Levesque, Black Creek
October 2023

I cannot understand how this mattress worked so well. However before we bought this mattress both my husband and I had restless sleeps and woke up with sore backs. I had a bad hip problem. Since we changed to the Ironman both our sleeps have improved and our backs & my hip are so much better. I would absolutely recommend this amazing mattress!!
Thank you!

Wendy Chutter, Parksville
April 2022

We dropped in to M&N Mattress just to inquire about the Ironman mattress. We met SUkh and the rest is history. From our 1st meeting to the delivery, the customer service has been outstanding! We are enjoying the new mattress so much. The 1st morning we got up my husband’s hip pain was gone! And no sore back for me. I usually wake up in the night and have a difficult time falling back to sleep but since having the Ironman I fall back to sleep quickly. We are very pleased with our decision to purchase the Ironman and would recommend it to anyone.

Ron & Elaine Weisnor, Qualicum Beach
April 2022

Love sleeping on my new Ironman mattress. Every inch of my body feels supported yet zero pressure points. I fall asleep quickly and no more tossing + turning to get comfortable. Best of all, I wake up refreshed and no more back pain. Thank you 😊

Amanda Richards, Parksville
April 2022

Our experience with M&N Mattress Shop in Parksville has been exceptional. The owner sales representative was very informative and professional. No pressure. The adjustable top end Ironman bed we purchased was installed quickly by their professional installers who removed our old mattress. The bed is the most comfortable we have ever had and the adjusting features are exceptional creating comfortable sleeps and ending back pains.

Brian T. Ross, Parksville
March 2022

I could have never imagined that my Ironman Recovery Mattress would have such a dramatically positive impact on my sleep. In the few short weeks that I have had it the quality of my sleep has improved dramatically! Bravo!
The service from M&N has been fantastic!

Jacqueline Green, Jacqueline Green
February 2022

We just received our new bedroom suite from M&N. It fits our new Ironman adjustable bed perfectly. I would recommend M&N to anyone who is looking for furniture and beds. Their staff and service is ubeatable.

Mike & Michelle, Parksville
December 2021

We love our Ironman mattress. It’s so comfy, we could stay in bed all day! Sleeping great, and no more stiffness in the morning.

Mike & Debbie Eiswerth, Nanoose Bay
December 2021

My husband and I are both sleeping better since purchasing our new bed and pillows. My upper back pain is greatly relieved. Our cat has happily made his napping place on the bed – he’s really happy.

Lisa Gribble, Campbell River
December 2021

Since I have purchased my new bed, I have a hard time getting up before 10am. My sleep is soooo much better than before. As an added bonus, I had stopped using my CPAP as I have dry eye and a break of the seal by my moving would totally dry my eye out. Now, in my zero gravity position, I can use my CPAP again. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Aletta Rand, Parksville
December 2021

Mark & his staff were very knowledgeable in their products & we loved that you could get one side firm and one side soft. Our sleeps have improved and can’t wait to go to bed every night. The delivery & set up staff were excellent also.

B&B Howich, Campbell River
November 2021

A wonderful mattress! Early morning back pain completely disappeared! Thanks.

Linda Fullalove, Parksville
November 2021

The recently purchased and adjustable bed through M&N Mattress Shop. Although it did take some getting used to, we are now very pleased with the bed, mattress and the complimentary pillows.

Service was excellent, including solving some minor glitches with delivery. We would not hesitate to recommend this business.

Ken & Elinor Tait, Ken & Elinor Tait
November 2021

We purchased our 2nd Ironman Mattress last month. We loved ours so much, that we decided to put one in our motor home. It is truly the best mattress ever! No more aches & pains and you won’t believe it till you try one. Worth every penny!!

Lynn McNaught, Lantzville
November 2021

My first night sleeping on my “Ironman” mattress bed, I was shocked to wake up at 9:00am! 9AM!!! I’ve never woken up at that time for years!! I was stunned to my foundation and scared because I’m diabetic. I got up quick! Took my BLD, I was low, I couldn’t believe the bed could ever be that good!! The swelling in my foot and leg went down! This bed is unbelievable, the first night I couldn’t believe it, I made sure to put the alarm on for 7am, I had the best sleep in years, a good night sleep for the 2nd time, but I still put the alarm on just incase. All you diabetic out there get this bed, you will be glad you did!! I just love my bed, everybody should have a bed like this one!! I’m taking it with me when I die!! Cheers to you all.

Sheila Ann Moore, Qualicum Beach
October 2021

Sukh took a lot of time finding out what I needed from a bed and showing me / letting me try several options. My final choice is like sleeping on a cloud (my back loves it). I love the latex mattress. I don’t wake up hot in the middle of the night.

Sandy Doyle, Nanoose Bay
September 2021