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Hi, my name is Mike Bourcier, I am 68 years old. I started running and doing triathlons at 60. I am now fully committed to long distance Trail running commonly called ULTRAS. As my running regimen is very demanding, I experience a fair amount of muscle fatigue. For years, my recovery have often been difficult, especially after stacking the kilometers day after day, 5 days a week. I bought the IRONMAN recovery mattress after it was recommended by several athletes' friends. After a few weeks, I noticed that I had much better sleeps and, most importantly, I could get out of bed in the morning, not feeling like and old man, no stiffness, no aches or pain. I firmly believe that it is the combination of the firm LATEX top layer which adapt to your body and you feel no pressure points at all and the CELLIANT infused in the bed that makes tissue regenerations in oxygen so effective. I also chose a bed with adjustable upper and lower body angle adjustments which is an added bonus.

I am a fitness trainer and I recommended the IRONMAN bed to several clients and always had nothing but positive results with athletes and with people with specific physical challenges or those going through recovery after major joints surgery.

Mike Bourcier
Parksville, B.C‎.
April 11th 2016

Sukh, We've used our Ironman Recovery Mattress for the past week. It's made sleep a pleasure again. No need to move or roll over, no tossing during the night. When either of us gets up the other doesn't realize it or wakes. Great product! Very glad we chose this over the traditional type of mattress.

P.S We're also very happy that our special mattress cover doesn’t slip off on any of the corners as this was a major peeve with our old-style bed. It seemed no matter what mattress protector we would buy the corners would always slip. Very frustrating. Now we're set for life! Thanks again!

Mike and Lori P
Cobble Hill
August 1st 2017

This mattress lives up to its name- “Recovery”.

We sleep better, in total comfort, and do not feel any weight shift.

We have dealt with M&N more than a few times, trust and appreciate their friendly, professional service and advice. Buying this mattress is proof of that!

Dave Campbell
Parksville, BC
January 2017

Purchasing a mattress and ergomotion adjustable base from M&N Mattress in Parksville was very gratifying and pleasant experience. Sukh and Neelam conduct themselves in a warm, engaging and professional manner. They are strong and effective advocates for their products but never at any time did I feel any pressure to buy nor did they ever try to up sell. I did purchase an Ironman pure energy sleep system and my sleep pattern has improved dramatically. It became ever better with a later addition of the softide ergomotion adjustable base. Delivery and set up of both products was on time and set up was also effected efficiently and professionally. Thus far at least both have proven to be a very a worthwhile investment.

Dale Euerby
Nanaimo, BC
July 15th 2017

We would love to thank the owners and staff of M&N mattress for their excellent customer service. We found them to be very knowledgeable and personable during our experience.

We were very skeptical at first, as we both have extremely painful lower back problems (osteo arthritis, bone spurs, stenosis). We were not sleeping through the night, groggy the next day, and extremely sore throughout the day. We were getting out of bed crippled and hunched over with extreme pain for the first 20 or so steps of the day.

Within the first week after purchasing the bed, we noticed significant improvement in our quality and duration of sleep. After the second week, we started to see the decline of difficulty walking first thing in the morning. I have also stopped taking medication at night to sleep. Now we can get out of bed free of pain and have a good start to our day.

We are both enjoying our bed so much that we are actually dreading on going away for a holiday. We recommend this Ironman Recovery Mattress and mechanical bed to anyone with a daily pain.

Bob & Debbie Lins
Nanaimo, BC
October 31st 2017

If you ever need to buy a remote-operated, hospital bed but dislike that institutional appearance, M&N mattress in Parksville is the place to go!

This past February my husband was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS). By then, he already had difficulty getting into and out of a regular bed. So, we began a search to find a bed he liked that could elevate flat as well as incline at the head and foot, to make the process easier for him. A neighbour showed us their Ironman bed and also recommended that we consider buying one at M&N mattress shop because of their amazing customer care and after service. We found it to be absolutely true.
Three weeks and a pile of research later, I bought two, single long sized (4.0 Ironman beds on Kingsdown-Beaumont bases). After two months, we also bought the full frames (with headboard and footboard) reckoning that the frames would hold the mattress in place better since it frequently tends to shift off the base. All things considered, comfort and dependability far outweigh the cost. We have both enjoyed a sound, cool, and comfortable sleep for the past six months.

First, there is no doubt that the Ironman technology is indeed everything it claims to be. And even if the beds do not raise and lower exactly like a hospital bed, the head and foot both do move up or down separately, and incline flat from the head or foot. There is also a special zero gravity position that’s out of this world comfortable!

All in all, if you are seeking an excellent place to buy high quality specialty beds and value truly great customer service with attentive after care, we highly recommend M&N Mattress!

Adriana Gamble
Parksville, BC
October 26th 2017