The All New Cabinet Bed

Convertible Cabinet Bed (Cabedza)!

A Low Cost Alternative to the Murphy Bed

Cabinet Bed features:

  • Exclusive 2 sided mattress.
  • Available with organic cotton, bamboo.
  • Certipure-us foam (low emissions)
  • Latex options.
  • 7 different mattress options.

Cottage Cabinet Beds

BC Made Cabinet Beds

NEW Cabinet Beds

The Cabinet Bed Experience

Also known as Cabedza or CA-BED-NET, designed for ease of use, features a 39 inch high top surface and a lowered center of gravity fold down front panel.  This is an excellent choice for seniors who have down sized, for home offices where the counter height top makes an excellent work surface and for resort property where extra beds are always needed.

  • Free-standing – no need to bolt to floors or wall, Can easily support a TV.
  • No need to move things from top surface.
  • Large storage drawer holds pillows or bedding – easy access.
  • Hold up to 500 lbs.

Choose the one that fits your needs, Multiple Colours, Mattress Options, Models & Styles and Sizes. Find the perfect Cabedza for you!

It’s a chest… it’s a bed… No, it’s the ALL NEW