Pure Energy Ironman Official Sleep Products Technology

Pure Energy Ironman Mattress uses advanced technology so you can sleep better.

M&N Mattresses, your Parksville mattress store, is pleased to carry Pure Energy IRONMAN products that boast innovative technology designed to provide you with a level of healthy support and benefits while you sleep that are state-of-the-art.


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Pure Energy Ironman Mattresses

Pure Energy IRONMAN Mattresses are produced with CELLIANT® technology. This technology can increase oxygenated blood flow by up to 24%. In turn, the body is able to recover more quickly which enhances sleep. Additionally, these mattresses also feature Cellitex premium latex that supports the effect of the technology. Cellitex premium latex is an exclusive, patented 5-zone recovery latex that is only available in Pure Energy Ironman official sleep products. Cellitex enhances sleep efficiency, reduces pain, balances body temperatures. Visit for more information.

Natural latex in mattresses

Natural Latex

Pure Energy Ironman Mattresses also feature natural latex which is revered for its hypoallergenic properties. Moreover, people find that this material also increases sleep comfort. A durable material, natural latex is a great component of these celebrated mattresses. Learn more about Natural Latex.

Your Parksville mattress store is pleased to carry Pure Energy IRONMAN technology. These mattresses are designed to support the various zones of the body, they lead to a better night’s sleep. This technology is exclusive to Pure Energy IRONMAN with it patented 5-zone technology that relieves shoulder/hip pressure points, while supporting the lumbar region for a floating feeling – reducing tossing/turning and maximizing sleep efficiency. People wake feeling well-rested and rejuvenated. Come in to find out more about these mattresses from our knowledgeable staff who can tell you even more about the great sleep you can expect to get with Pure Energy IRONMAN technology. We look forward to showcasing these amazing products for you!