Pure Energy Ironman Mattress Latex

Natural Latex and Its Benefits

Natural latex is the ideal mattress material for people who are sensitive to dust, or who suffer from a specific allergy caused by the allergens found in mattresses made from more traditional materials. In fact, latex that is naturally produced and properly processed using a method known as Vulcanization is inherently hypo-allergenic and will resist all types of allergens such as mold, fungus and dust mites. The material is also extremely comfortable to sleep on, and remains so for a few decades. This is largely due to the fact that a latex mattress allows a person to maintain a comfortable body temperature throughout the night thanks to the breathability of the rubber material. The mattress will also continue to feel soft and comfortable due to the overall durability of the natural latex compared to other mattress materials.


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Common Types of Latex

In the mattress industry, there are two types of natural latex that are commonly used in the manufacture of latex mattresses. Each type is naturally derived from the Brasiliensis (rubber tree), and the latex is treated with the vulcanization process in order to remove any traces of allergy causing materials such as fungus or naturally occurring proteins. This process of vulcanizing the latex before using it to manufacture mattress cores has proven to be quite effective, since there has never been a single report in medical records or journals of a vulcanized latex mattress, pillow or other product having been the cause of an allergic reaction.

Talalay Latex

Talalay Latex

This type of latex is the most common type found in natural latex mattress cores. Talalay latex boasts many of the features that make latex mattresses the ideal choice for anyone looking to get the most out of their mattress in terms of comfort, durability and hypoallergenic qualities. Some of the major benefits include:

  • Talalay is up to 7x more breathable than other latex or foam materials available due to the fact that the open cells in the latex are more resistant to collapsing, allowing for an increase in air flow circulating in the mattress during sleep.
  • Talalay is among the most hypoallergenic latex materials and is extremely resistant to mold, mildew and bacteria that causes illness.
  • The mattress is unmatched in its durability and breathability, allowing for a consistently comfortable and restful sleep each night without tossing and turning.

Cellitex Latex

This is a more advanced type of latex that is also made from naturally produced materials. In addition to the natural latex however, Cellitex latex contains CELLIANT® fibres. These CELLIANT fibres are a worldwide exclusive material, found in mattresses such as the Pure Energy Ironman Mattress. A mattress containing Cellitex latex has all the benefits common to other natural latex mattress, along with a few extra features such as:

  • An increase in blood flow caused by the addition of the CELLIANT fibres which are scientifically proven to aid recovery from physical activity.

  • Reduction in disturbances caused by the motions of a sleeping partner.

  • Made with long lasting, environmentally sustainable materials designed to regulate body temperature during sleep to increase comfort levels.
Celliant layers illustration

Natural Latex FAQs


Natural latex is made from a milky liquid that is drained from a rubber tree by tapping into the tree trunk under the bark. This process does not hurt the tree, and may be repeated over time. Once the liquid latex resin is whipped and baked at a high temperature, it becomes completely hypoallergenic, and the finished product remains biodegradable.


For those who suffer from allergies, or who are particularly sensitive to dust and other allergens known to build up in traditional mattresses, a natural latex mattress is the ideal choice. The material is completely hypoallergenic, and there has never been a reported case of a person having an allergic reaction to the latex in the mattress itself. This is because latex allergies are only caused by latex materials that have not been processed, such as surgical gloves. In natural latex mattresses like the Pure Energy Ironman Mattress, the latex is cleaned of any impurities that are known to cause allergic reactions. This also makes the latex foam extremely durable, meaning the latex mattress will likely outlast any other type of mattress available on the market.


Quite simply, the latex used to make gloves and other products is designed to have a closed cell structure, meaning it is impossible to clean out the allergy causing proteins that naturally occur in latex derived from a rubber tree. The latex used to make mattresses on the other hand is specifically designed to have an open cell structure to promote breathability, durability and the hypoallergenic qualities that are inherent to natural latex mattresses. The open cell structure allows the 5 stage washing process known as vulcanization to effectively remove allergy causing materials before the latex is turned into a mattress. According to medical experts such as Dr. Wim Stevens, head of the Immunology Laboratory at the University Hospital of Antwerp, “When it comes to mattress cores, the key fact you have to keep in mind is that, according to medical literature, not a single case of allergic reaction‎ has ever been reported as a consequence of sleeping on a natural latex mattress. The allergy risk connected with mattress core negligible, because the latex core is washed thoroughly, the proteins responsible for triggering any allergic reaction are denatured by the high temperatures during vulcanization”.


The simple answer is YES, a natural latex mattress will effectively support your back while you sleep, allowing for a consistently restful sleep each night. This is because natural latex can conform to every contour of your body while providing 5-zone pressure relief throughout your entire body. This reduction in pressure reduces the amount of movement that interrupts your sleep and allows oxygen to flow evenly throughout your body which allows aching muscles to recover more quickly.


In a head to head comparison, natural latex proves to be superior to memory foam in terms of comfort, durability and temperature consistency. Unlike memory foam that creates a crater around your body that leads to an increase in body temperature and the need to shift yourself as you sleep, natural latex lets the body breathe and consistently supports the contours of your body, so you don’t have to wake up and change position as frequently. Also, natural latex lasts much longer than memory foam, which can help you save money on bedding materials in the long run.