Soothing sounds to help you fall asleep

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Falling asleep is like baking a cake. You take a bunch of very specific ingredients, measure them out carefully, and mix them all together. And if one ingredient is a slightly off, it throws the whole thing out of whack. Stay with me here… Much like baking a cake, drifting off to dreamland can be a finicky endeavour. People need … Read More

What does the coil count mean in a mattress?

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What does the coil count mean in a mattress

Like any industry, the mattress world has its own jargon and set of terms. Since a lot of these terms are used in marketing, the public is often familiar with them. A good example is “coil count”. Everyone has heard this term a million times, but how many people really understand what it really and what it explains when it … Read More

Introducing the NewGen Mattress

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Research and technology are always driving humans forward, inspiring them to come up with new ways to make life better and easier. In our industry, we are thrilled when experts come up with ideas to improve the lives of our customers by revolutionizing mattresses and the way we sleep. That’s why we are so excited to carry the latest in … Read More

Spring Mattress vs Foam Mattresses

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Considering the standards we have today for our mattresses, it’s hard to imagine that people once slept on a pile of hay or whatever lumpy pile they could find to lay their head on. There have been plenty of mattress trends over the years. Remember water beds?! Over the years, mattresses quality has vastly improved. The materials today are state … Read More

What to Drink And What Not To Drink Before Bed

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Everyone wishes for a good night’s sleep. It’s better for the mind and body when we can have a deep, restful sleep. And the effects spill over into other areas of our lives. Our job, relationships, and interactions with the world at large improve when we are well-rested and alert. So it’s important to do all we can to ensure … Read More

Can Adjustable Beds Stop Snoring?

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We’ve all been there before. You’re relaxed, ready for sleep. Everything is perfect. You’re cozied up and just about to close your eyes, excited to slip off into dreamland. And then it begins. Your partner starts snoring. It rattles the bed, feels like it might just shake the whole house down. You jab them with your elbow, roll them to … Read More

Winners of 2017 Customer Service Torch Award

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The Better Business Bureau has long been a valuable asset for consumers and business owners when it comes to constructively resolving issues and improving the operations of a business going forward. In addition to their role as a mediator and business information resource, the Better Business Bureau takes time each year to recognize the local businesses and services that go … Read More