Prevent Calf Muscle Cramps At Night

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Calf muscle cramps how to prevent and heal

Muscle cramps hit like a bolt of lightning. They come on fast and strong and there’s often no warning signs. For many people, cramps in the legs and especially the calf muscle happens at night just as they are falling asleep. These cramps last anywhere from 30 seconds to a couple of minutes and can be extremely painful. If you … Read More

Benefits of Proper Posture and Standing for your Lower Back

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Bad posture and back pain sitting at desk

Poor posture is a growing concern for health care professionals out there. From chiropractors to massage therapists to yoga teachers to doctors, clients and patients are seeking help for sore backs more than ever. It’s a concern because bad posture causes a chain reaction in a person’s physical health. Since no body part operates exclusively on its own, it’s important … Read More

Sofa Bed vs Cabinet Bed Comfort

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Not everyone today has a lot of space to play with in their homes. Many people have downsized because they over the hassle of too much extra space while others live in an expensive city and can’t afford a place with an extra bedroom or two. Small spaces don’t stop company from coming knocking at your door though. Friends and … Read More

Beneficial Role of Celliant in Natural Latex Mattresses

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Advantages of Celliant in Mattresses

Millions (and millions) of people have trouble falling and staying asleep each night. Whether it’s stress, the sleep environment, young children or a full moon that’s keeping you awake, the results are always the same. Lack of sleep = Misery. While we all need rest, the part that’s a tough pill to swallow for some people is that sleep takes … Read More

Improve Your Sleep During Allergy Season

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Aren’t spring and summer wonderful? Flowers, sunshine, beach time, hiking, gardening… we could go on. But there’s one thing that spring brings that most people would rather live without. Allergies. Seasonal allergies and hay fever can be so extreme for some people in the spring and summer that it’s almost unbearable. Constant sneezing, itchy eyes and throat, a runny nose … Read More

Soothing sounds to help you fall asleep

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Falling asleep is like baking a cake. You take a bunch of very specific ingredients, measure them out carefully, and mix them all together. And if one ingredient is a slightly off, it throws the whole thing out of whack. Stay with me here… Much like baking a cake, drifting off to dreamland can be a finicky endeavour. People need … Read More

What does the coil count mean in a mattress?

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What does the coil count mean in a mattress

Like any industry, the mattress world has its own jargon and set of terms. Since a lot of these terms are used in marketing, the public is often familiar with them. A good example is “coil count”. Everyone has heard this term a million times, but how many people really understand what it really and what it explains when it … Read More