Are Massage Chairs Safe for Children or Elderly?

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Are massage chairs good for seniors

Getting a good massage has plenty of benefits. It can relax your muscles, stimulate blood flow, and calm the mind. But the difficult is finding the time to fit a massage into a busy schedule. That’s why massage chairs are a great piece of furniture. They are there waiting for you at the end of a long day or are … Read More

Adjustable Beds with Zero Gravity Position

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zero gravity bed adjustable

We all know how important sleep is to our overall health. Without enough quality sleep, other areas of our lives begin to suffer. We are less patient, have a harder time focusing and even things like our metabolism are affected. That’s why investing in our sleep is worth every effort. There are plenty of things we can’t control, but one … Read More

Are Massage Chairs for Everyone?

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Self care comes in many forms – good diet, plenty of exercise and quality sleep are a few basic components of achieving and maintaining optimal health. But there are other “add-ons” to further reach that state of being a well functioning human being. Things like good hygiene and body care options. Things like meditation, acupuncture, reflexology or massage can fall … Read More

Back-to-Back Award Winners for Customer Service in 2018

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Back-to-Back Award Winners for Customer Service in 2018

Since M&N Mattress first opened its doors at our Parksville location back in 2000, our philosophy has always been to put the customer first. Over time, that philosophy has helped our business grow, as more and more customers continue to rely on our friendly service and expertise. Combined with our commitment to feature the very best mattress, furniture and sleep … Read More