Pure Energy IRONMAN Mattress

Ironman Mattress Approved Sleep Technology

IRONMAN Mattresses were originally created to help elite athletes maximize their sleep and enhance their performance. What we know now is that these incredible mattresses — Pure Energy IRONMAN Mattresses — are comprised of all-natural latex and are produced with CELLIANT® technology. More specifically, these mattresses use Cellitex premium latex, an exclusive, patented 5-zone recovery latex that is only available in Pure Energy IRONMAN official sleep products. Not only do these mattresses support any individual body size to rest comfortably during sleep, but they also increase tissue oxygenation by an average of 8.4%*.

IRONMAN Mattresses were created for athletes but are enjoyed by everyone, especially those with joint and mobility issues, including seniors! People of all ages and abilities wake to feel well-rested and rejuvenated. Plus, the latex material is naturally hypoallergenic so IRONMAN mattresses are great for anyone with respiratory issues or those who are concerned with their health.

*Source: Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing the Effects of Far-Infrared Emitting Ceramic Fabric Shirts and Control Polyester Shirts on Transcutaneous PO2, Dr. Ian Gordon et al, Long Beach VA Memorial Hospital, Journal of Textile Science and Engineering, 2014

The present study has added to the body of evidence that suggest that IR-emitting garments can exert real measurable physiological effects, and deserve further study for medical indications.

Ironman Mattress in Canada

ironman mattress is one of the best technology mattress in Canada that can help you improve your sleep qualityHave you heard of the Pure Energy Ironman Mattress?

Instead of waking up feeling like you’ve run a marathon, you can wake up feeling healthy and energized.  How did the IRONMAN begin?  During the awards ceremony at the Oahu Perimeter Relay in 1977, a debate ensued among competitors about which athlete is most fit — swimmers, runners or other athletes. One of the participants, Navy Commander John Collins and his wife Judy, dreamt up a race to settle the argument.

They proposed combining three existing races together, to be completed in succession: the Waikiki Roughwater Swim (2.4 miles), the Around-Oahu Bike Race (112 miles, originally a two-day event) and the Honolulu Marathon (26.2 miles). “Whoever finishes first we’ll call the Ironman,” said Collins. Fifteen men participated in the initial event held on February 18; 12 completed the race, led by the first Ironman, Gordon Haller. His winning time: 11 hours, 46 minutes and 58 seconds.  Pure Energy IRONMAN mattress has gone through a long journey which flourished from a simple idea developed amongst debating athletes into the #1 User-Based Sports Brand.


May 18, 2018

May 18, 2018 - I’ve been sleeping on my Ironman for 3 months now and its is everything it claims to be. Great sleeps  and wake up pain free. Amazing!

December 15, 2017

December 15, 2017 - Hello, A purchase well worth waiting for! We both are sleeping better. Waking with well rested bones & muscles. Very happy with our bed! Thank you!

December 15, 2017

December 15, 2017 -  Why did we wait so long to buy one??? The mattress and pillows are amazing, no more waking up with sore backs, necks, ect. The mattress has improved our sleep quality by 1000! We are so pleased with our purchase! Thanks for the great service ?  

April 16, 2018

April 2018 -  A very positive experience! We were greeted immediately upon entering the store, very knowledgeable staff who went out of their way to find the best mattress for my back problems, delivery was prompt professional service from start to finish. I would highly recommend! Very pleased with our purchase! Perfect for my back,

January 18, 2018

January 2018 - I found the mattress to be very comfortable- but the bonus is that my lower back pain is gone!