Restwell Mattress And Sleep Supplement

Restwell Mattress Company

Restwell is a BC -based, family-owned mattress company that has been providing customers with a great night’s sleep since 1990. Their clientele includes both residential customers and commercial businesses, such as hotels.

Restwell Mattress and Sleep Products have been in business for over 30 years, designing and manufacturing high-quality products for both commercial ventures like hotels, and for individuals too. This family-owned and the community-focused company is based in British Columbia and is guided by values like quality, comfort, and durability. They create a wide range of products that are affordable without sacrificing quality so that customers can truly enjoy their products without breaking the bank.

Restwell is also recognized for its sustainable manufacturing process to keep mattresses and other materials out of the landfill. They exceed the industry standard for durability and quality; a stand out company, they are committed to being a responsible enterprise that cares about the planet and the people they serve.

Quality Restwell Mattress And Pillows

Restwell produces mattresses and boxsprings that suit a wide range of budgets and comfort levels. Their products are designed for quality and durability. As a community-driven company, Restwell prides itself on providing excellent value and comfortable product lines. At M&N Mattress, your one-stop shop for mattresses in Parksville, Qualicum, and Vancouver Island, we’re pleased to carry Restwell mattress lines. Not only is this Canadian company renowned for its fine quality items, but they are determined to exceed customer expectations in every regard. Known for their sustainable manufacturing practices and value-driven operation, Restwell is a first-rate company renowned for its expertly designed mattresses.

If you want to improve your sleep, visit your Parksville mattress store and discover why Restwell is a leading brand in the region. Let our helpful staff provide you with more information about this brand and why it’s the ideal match for you.

Restwell Mattress For Sale

Non Flip Start at – Twin $189 – Double $269 – Queen $289 – King $389
Foam or Spring Mattresses
FLIPPABLE 2-sides mattress now also available (prices vary)