Pure Energy Ironman Technology: CELLIANT® Fibers

Your Parksville, Qualicum, Oceanside, Nanaimo and surrounding areas mattress store is pleased to tell you that IRONMAN-approved Pure Energy Mattresses feature CELLIANT which is a high-performance fiber that will enhance the way you sleep. CELLIANT has been clinically proven to increase cellular oxygenation.

Increased cellular oxygenation while you sleep is important to your body in many ways. First and foremost, you’ll find that it improves the quality of your sleep and allows the body to sleep more efficiently. That is, while you get the rest you need, the body’s processes are more effective at what they do while you sleep. For instance, the body is more efficient and effective at repairing itself. Increased blood flow stimulates the body’s recovery process so even after a tough workout you are likely to wake up feeling renewed and refreshed.

By promoting an increase in oxygen intake, your body will also benefit from balanced temperature and reduction wake after sleep onset known as (WASO). Nine peer-reviewed published studies were involved for determining these benefits which you are apt to discover for yourself after one night on an Pure Energy Ironman Mattress with CELLIANT fibers.

As your Parksville & Qualicum mattress store, M & N Mattress is pleased to promote this sleep-enhancing technology. Be sure to visit our store to find out more about the technology behind Pure Energy Ironman Mattresses and why they have earned Pure Energy IRONMAN status. Stop in and see why these mattresses are revered among so many customers for the good night’s sleep they promise.

CELLIANT Enhances Sleep.

CELLIANT is a high performance fiber clinically proven to increase cellular oxygenation, delivering you:

  • Improved sleep quality
  • Increased sleep efficiency
  • Reduction in soreness
  • Reduction wake after sleep onset (WASO)
  • Stimulation of recovery process
  • Benefits even through several layers of fabric
  • Clinically proven with 9 peer-reviewed published studies
  • Balance Body Temperature

How it Works

CELLIANT has been clincally proven to increase blood flow, increase tissue oxygen levels and help balance body temperature. Each of these results can have added benefits including quicker recovery, increased performance, better quality sleep, and improved overall wellness.

The key to CELLIANT lies in its ability to absorb and store the electromagnetic energy emissions from the human body and release them where they are reabsorbed into the skin and deep muscle tissue.  In the deep muscle tissue they act as catalysts for natural, biological processes resulting in enhanced oxygen levels and more balanced body temperature during sleep.

Natural Fibers

  • CELLIANT fibers are created from natural minerals and embedded into polyester fibers.
  • CELLIANT fibers absorb energy from the body.

Energy Building

  • CELLIANT converts the energy into a form usable to the body
  • CELLIANT recycles this energy back into the body

Blood Flow

  • Recycled energy triggers natural chemical reactions in the body.
  • These reactions result in increased blood flow and oxygenation to the tissue.

CELLIANT Works Through Fabric

Have a mattress pad?  Curious if the CELLIANT fibers on your Pure Energy Ironman Mattress will work through your mattress pad and sheets?  See the demonstration of how it works with the video on the right. CELLIANT has been tested to work through 7 layers of sheets.