Ultra Comfort Lift Chairs

comfortable brown lift chairs are available in Parksville

Embrace the Power of the Ultra Comfort Lift Chair

The UC480 Medium Large Recliner Chair combines the power and security of a power lift recliner with the aesthetic design of living room furniture. The UC480 Medium Large Recliner Chair is cleverly designed to fit all body sizes and is made out of comfortable plush materials that make it the perfect place to spend an afternoon.

Features of the UC480 Medium Large Recliner Chair

  • Available in a variety of color schemes
  • Can hold up to 375 lbs (170 kg)
  • 22 inches (55.88 cm) of arm width
  • 3 different reclining positions
  • 2 motor heat and massage options
  • Option for foot rest extension
  • Headrest cover
  • Lifetime warranty on chair frame, recline frame, lift frame, and recline mechanism
our comfort lift sofa have 5 zones to adjust

Why Invest in an Ultra Comfort Lift Chair?

A power lift recliner is an effective way to ensure that everyone can experience the same level of comfort in every room of the house. For many individuals who are facing back, neck, or leg problems, as well as other forms of chronic pain, a lift chair can make a tremendous difference in managing their pain.

With the touch of a button, this chair can help those with mobility issues enjoy a seamless transition from a sitting to standing position. This not only prevents pulled muscles and unnecessary strain, but potentially catastrophic falls as well.

Furthermore, comfort lift chairs can be helpful for anyone who is recovering from surgery and experiencing lesser mobility as a result. Rather than being stuck to their beds, individuals in recovery can spend time in common areas.

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