Mattress Store Parksville

Take a look at our Awards and Certification!

Torch Award Criteria:

Judges will make their decision based on how well each nomination explains the company’s commitment to the following:

  • Ethical Decision Making – An ethical business is positive, honest, fair, reliable and responsive to its customers, employees, suppliers/vendors/sub-contractors and the community at large.
  • Trustworthiness – An ethical business can be trusted at all times to deliver on its promises. Customer Service Excellence – An ethical business strives to go above and beyond in its operations, services and commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • Community Engagement – An ethical business takes a leadership role in supporting the greater community of which it is a part.

BBB Customer Reviews:

​ “​We’ve received excellent service from Mattress M&N in Parksville BC.Recently the motor controlling our adjustable bed (purchased from M & N a few years ago) malfunctioned and was replaced with one from the original distributor in Oklahoma USA. Not with standing the labour portion of our warranty had expired, M & N generously stepped up by installing AT NO CHARGE the replacement motor requiring detachment of the head frame, lifting the bed and mattress (also purchased from M&N)… then reattaching the head frame after installation.We were certainly impressed with this timely “after sales” service. Mark and his staff are to be commended on their positive responsiveness to ongoing customer concerns such as our own.​”
-J.Hudson, Parksville,BC