What does the coil count mean in a mattress?

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What does the coil count mean in a mattress

Like any industry, the mattress world has its own jargon and set of terms. Since a lot of these terms are used in marketing, the public is often familiar with them. A good example is “coil count”. Everyone has heard this term a million times, but how many people really understand what it really and what it explains when it comes to mattresses?

So we thought we’d dive a little deeper into it. You might be thinking that a mattress’s coil count means simply how many coils a mattress contains. Yes, that’s true. But it’s only half the picture.

The more important thing to ask is: Do more coils mean a better mattress?

That’s where things get tricky. So let’s break it down.

If you have decided on a pocket coil mattress, you likely know that the mattress design contains hundreds of coils inside the mattress casing. On top of the coils sits a material, or combination of materials, that affect the overall comfort of the mattress.

Mattresses with a higher coil count often claim that they offer more support than those with a lower count. But as the number of coils increases, naturally the size of each individual coil decreases. In other words, the more coils there are, the smaller they have to be.

The size of the bed matters, too. Of course a king sized bed will have more springs than a double. But the ratio should still be the same. The conversions can get confusing, and frankly, some mattress manufacturers rely on the confusion to dupe people into buying a more expensive mattress that is not necessarily superior in quality.

Another important component of a coil spring mattress is the quality of material — not all coils are made equally. The type of material is important to research because some are much more sturdy than others. If the coils are metal, it will matter whether the metal is tempered or not. If they are plastic, the quality will also make a big difference in how long the springs last. The gauge or thickness of each individual coil matters as well. Many thin, flimsy coils will break down much more quickly than fewer more sturdy coils.

The coil count will also be affected by the type of topping that sits atop. Is it memory foam? Latex? Is it dense enough for you? Do you care whether it is organic or not?

As a consumer, there are so many questions to ask. And mattresses buying is made more difficult because there is no way to see inside the product. You have to rely on research and the integrity of the manufacturer and salespeople.

Some manufacturers use a higher coil count as a way to sell a mattress for more money. But don’t be fooled! Do your research and learn what type of coils they are, the gauge of them, and consider the ratio of mattress size to coil count. Also ask questions about what kind of material is atop the coils because that will make a big difference on the overall comfort.

We care about transparency and honesty, and we are passionate about finding the right mattress for the right person. There is no one-off formula. Instead, each customer comes with their own specific needs. That’s why we take the time to get to know our customers and why we encourage people to come in, speak to our staff, and try out some beds.