10 Tips to Make Your Mattress Lifespan Longer

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Picking the lifespan mattress at mattress store

Like most things in life, mattresses do need replacing every so often. But how often you need to spend the money on a new mattress will depend on a couple of things — what kind of mattress it is and how well you maintain your mattress.

In order to save you money and to keep mattresses out of the landfill, here are tips to make your mattress lifespan longer.

Here are 10 Tips to Make Your Mattress Lifespan Longer

  1. Rotate and flip

Spin the mattress around so that the foot of the mattress moves to the head a couple of times a year. This has a huge effect on mattress lifespan, especially if the firmness of your bed makes a big difference in your life. The same goes for flipping, though this won’t apply to all mattress types.

  1. Vacuum

If you are doing a deep clean in your home and have the linens of your bed, it’s a good idea to vacuum your mattress a few times a year to get rid of any dust and grime build-up and any crawly thing that might have taken up residence.

  1. Wash your sheets and covers

Freshening up your linens will prevent tiny mites and things from collecting. It’s unpleasant to think about what could be living in your mattress so it might as well prevent it where you can.

  1. Humans only rule

Lots of people like to sleep with their pets, but do so at your own peril! Animals track in all kinds of dirt and grime and so on, creating a little living ecosystem where you lay your head. Humans only!

  1. Protect

Accidents can happen, at any age! Spills and other forms of liquid are a part of life, but best to keep them off of your mattress. A mattress protector will lengthen the lifespan of your mattress, keeping it free from smells and stains. Don’t forget to wash it regularly too!

  1. Act fast

When accidents do happen, act quickly to prevent long-term damage. Whether it is urine or that glass of wine you were sipping as you wound down for the eve, cleaning it quickly and thoroughly can save your mattress.

  1. Use a bed frame

A good bed frame with strong, well-distributed support will prevent sagging and help you maintain your mattress.

  1. Absorb odours

A nice trick to absorb odours as they build is to place a few (unscented if you’d like) dryer sheets under your mattress cover. They will keep things fresh! Also, you can sprinkle baking soda on the mattress surface before vacuuming to help the cause, too.

  1. Harness the sun

If you can haul your mattress a couple of times a year to a sunny patch, the heat will dry out any humidity and keep things fresh.

  1. Follow instructions

Especially with all the new kinds of mattresses on the market today, each will have different recommended cleaning directions. When in doubt, follow the rules.

Beds are wonderful things and should be treated with respect and care so they have a long lifespan. We hope you find these tips useful to maintain your mattress.