Tips To Stop Snoring

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There might not be anything better in the world than a good night’s sleep. But waking up feeling refreshed and energized for the day ahead is not a luxury that everyone has. Many people suffer from sleep disorders and insomnia, and if you sleep with a partner who has sleep problems, you might find yourself suffering, too.

One of the most common causes for a poor night’s sleep is snoring, or “sawing logs” as my afflicted friend likes to call it. He’s one of the 45 percent of people who suffer, and make their partners suffer, from this common condition.

Thankfully, there are many things that a person can do to decrease the occurrence of snoring, which can have detrimental effects on the quality of sleep, overall health, and even happiness levels in a partnership or marriage. There are many over-the-counter solutions that you can find in drug stores and pharmacies, but before you start spending money on solutions like that, consider making some simple changes to your habits and behaviour to stop yourself from snoring.

Don’t sleep on your back!

One common reason that people start to snore is because of their body position as they sleep. Back sleepers often snore more than others because the base of the tongue and the soft palate collapse to the back wall of the throat, causing a vibration that turns out to be snoring. Instead, try sleeping on your side. If that’s uncomfortable, try using pillows or body pillows along your sides to prevent you from rolling over in the night.

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Get healthy!

Wait gain and unhealthy drinking habits are associated with snoring. If you’ve put on a few pounds in the last while and have noticed that your snoring has increased, too, it might be because the weight gain in your neck has constricted the diameter of your throat. This can cause snoring to occur.

Heavy drinkers are also heavy snorers. If you are serious about changing your snoring habits, try reducing your daily intake of alcohol. This can help with other health issues, too. Your body and your partner will thank you for it.

Good health also means creating a healthy sleep situation with dark lighting, comfortable sheets and blankets, a good quality pillow, mattress and frame (more on that later) which will allow you to have a good, deep sleep and can help prevent snoring. This also means turning off your devises at least an hour before bedtime and closing any screens that might upset your circadian rhythm.

Finally, good health, good sleep, and no snoring means that your body needs to be in good health. If you are chronically sick with colds or allergies, it might mean that your immune system is weak and can result in a clogged or blocked nasal passages. A healthy diet with lots of nutrients will boost your body’s ability to heal so that you are sick less. You’ll be surprised at how much less you snore as a result!

Check your sleep set-up!

In relation to the last point, you want your body to be as healthy as possible, and that means having a good quality pillow and mattress and bed frame. These are common areas where dust mites and allergens build up and can cause people to have a stuffy nose or congestion. Replacing and washing your pillow regularly can prevent allergic reactions that might cause you to snore.

A high quality bed and mattress are also key factors in preventing snoring, and in keeping with all these points, you might want to consider purchasing an adjustable bed. One bed that we highly recommend is the Ergomotion Adjustable Bed. This base works with any mattress and can be adjusted to a variety of different, ergonomic positions like raising your head so that you snore less. It also has a built in massage feature to send you off to a deep, restful, snore-free sleep.

At the end of the day, a good sleep will have long-lasting effects on your overall health and happiness. This includes a sleep that is free of snoring, and to achieve that, you might need to adjust some habits.

Purchasing an adjustable bed like the Ergomotion Bed also has the potential to change your sleep, and a good sleep is worth every penny.

If you have any questions about how to achieve your best sleep or if the Ergomotion Bed is right for you, come and see us at our showrooms in Parksville and Nanaimo. You can take the bed for a spin and see how this amazing technology can positively effect your life.

We look forward to seeing you soon.