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M&N Mattress has been bringing top quality mattresses and bedding products to the Parksville and Nanaimo areas along with the rest of Vancouver Island since 2000. We are constantly improving and upgrading our mattress selection to feature the latest and greatest in mattress design and comfort. With that in mind, we are proud to now provide our customers with the very best in adjustable bed technology from Ergomotion. When it comes to adjustable beds, there is not better quality brand than Ergomotion. Due to their constant innovations and improvements to adjustable bed technology, Ergomotion enjoys partnerships with some of the industry’s leading mattress manufacturers such as Serta and Beauty Rest.

Why an Adjustable Bed?

When people think of adjustable beds, they might not come up with the most flattering image in their heads. Many people associate an adjustable bed with an illness or injury, or a visit to the hospital, but while adjustable beds are certainly beneficial for use in these situations, they are certainly not limited to these types of uses. In fact, an adjustable bed can be one of the most practical purchases you will ever make. This is largely due to the shear versatility that an adjustable bed has to offer. With a simple touch of a button, you can turn your bedroom into a family room, or even a very comfortable workspace. The adjustable bed can also be an ideal space save in a guest room, since you can move the bed to allow for more space while it isn’t being slept in.

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Other than convenience and practicality, the real benefit of an adjustable bed is the level of comfort it provides to anyone who sleeps on it. The adjustable beds from Ergomotion in particular feature a unique ergonomic design that can adjust to the specific contours of virtually anyone’s body. The patented Zero G ergonomic preset on the mattress gives you an ideal reference point from which to make fine tune adjustments so your bed feels just right as you sleep on it. This design not only ensures that you will get a restful and healthy sleep each night, but also that you will wake up without feeling any soreness or chronic muscle pain, as your entire body is perfectly supported throughout the night.

To learn more about adjustable beds from Ergomotion, or any of our other fine mattress products, feel free to visit us in store, or you can continue to check out our website. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter, where we will feature the latest updates on new products and promotions.