Spring Mattress vs Foam Mattresses

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Considering the standards we have today for our mattresses, it’s hard to imagine that people once slept on a pile of hay or whatever lumpy pile they could find to lay their head on.

There have been plenty of mattress trends over the years. Remember water beds?!

Over the years, mattresses quality has vastly improved. The materials today are state of the art, and the science of sleep has convinced people that a healthy sleep can help in all areas of life.

Today, there are two main contenders for the type of mattress to purchase: Spring mattresses and Foam mattresses. But is one better than the other?

Each have their advantages, depending on the preference of the sleeper. Let’s break it down in The Battle of the Beds: Spring Mattress vs Foam Mattresses

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Spring Mattress

This classic mattress design has seen many modern day improvements. Older versions had large metal springs dispersed throughout. But the current standard of spring mattress consists of a series of individual coils, each wrapped separately in fabric, making for a much more comfortable sleep experience.


  • Cost effective – often the most affordable option on the market.
  • Can add a pillow top to increase comfortability.


  • Can be problematic for anyone with joint problems or sore backs.
  • Lifespan of around 10 years or less.
  • Coils sag and break down over time.
  • Should be rotated and flipped regularly to prevent sagging and to extend its lifespan.
  • Not hypo-allergenic, collects dust mites and bacteria build up without proper maintenance.

Memory Foam Mattress

These mattresses were all the rage when they first came to market, but they weren’t without their missteps. The material was first experimented on by scientists as NASA as foam seats in rocket ships. And in the beginning the memory foam mattresses were too hot, too heavy and too expensive. But improvements in design and materials have made them the preferred choice for many people.


  • Long life span – up to 20 years or more.
  • Retains its shape and offers great support for those with chronic pain.
  • Distributes body weight evenly to relieve pressure points and increase blood flow.
  • Natural and hypoallergenic options available for a healthier experience.


  • Can be expensive.
  • Common complaint of an “off-gassing” smell for the first few weeks or months.

Most people choose a mattress depending on both their needs and budget.But it’s a good idea to weigh out options carefully, and to think long-term. If a foam mattress sounds like the right option for you because of chronic pain and you are sensitive to allergens, look into financing options. Most mattress stores can set you up with a reasonable plan.

Investing in your sleep health will pay off. It will benefit your mind and body. It’s tough to put a price tag on your health so consider all the factors before you make a decision.

And if you have any questions about which mattress is right for you, please come by our showroom. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will help guide you to the mattress of your dreams.