Savvy Rest is Now in Canada!

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Savvy Rest Mattresses Are Now in Canada!

We here at M&N Mattress are very excited to share some sensational news with our valued customers throughout Parksville and the rest of Vancouver Island. We are pleased to announce that the top quality, all natural organic mattress and bedding products from Savvy Rest are now available in Canada. We are even more pleased to inform our customers that a wide range of quality Savvy Rest products are available for purchase and viewing at our store. If you are searching for a new mattress or some new bedding, there are few better choices when it comes to natural, organic products than Savvy Rest.

Savvy Rest has established a strong reputation as an honest company that prides itself on its integrity and its commitment to environmental sustainability and complete customer satisfaction. The basis of their business is built upon that overall commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction.

Savvy Rest uses only the finest natural latex available on the market to manufacture their organic mattresses. The latex they use comes from two trusted and reputable sources: Vita Talalay by Radium and Dunlop by Cocolatex. The Vita Talalay developed by Radium is among the highest quality latex foam available throughout the entire world. It is completely hypoallergenic and can last up to 20 years, or about three times as long as a conventional mattress. Like the Vita Talalay by Radium, Dunlop by Cocolatex is a top quality material that makes a great alternative to a standard mattress. In addition, Cocolatex is a company that shares similar environmental values as Savvy Rest, and ensures their rubber trees are certified organic in addition to being sold according to fair trade practices. Savvy Rest itself only sells products that meet the environmental standards of the Greenguard organization, who monitor the amount of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) which can be hazardous to the average person’s health. As of today, Savvy Rest has received Gold level certification from Greenguard for their attention to these details.

While it may seem Savvy Rest is committed to manufacturing environmentally friendly products for the sake of the environment alone, it is important to remember the company’s commitment to their customer’s satisfaction. While these products are certainly good for the environment, they have proven to be even better for the people that sleep on them. A natural organic latex mattress from Savvy Rest is not only more durable and longer lasting than a traditional mattress it is also far less likely to make you or your loved ones sick! The organic compounds that make up the Savvy Rest mattresses are just as comfortable (if not more comfortable) than their synthetic counterparts, and they have the added bonus of containing no potentially harmful chemicals such as a flame retardant materials that can lead to discomfort and even illness after an extended period of exposure. With most traditionally manufactured mattresses, the chemicals are often under-regulated and can potentially lead to a number of health problems including back pain, trouble breathing and chronic fatigue. Savvy Rest’s commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction leaves very little room for such questionable business practices that their competitors engage in.

With all the benefits of the products and the positive practices of the company itself, why not take a closer look at the quality Savvy Rest products available at M&N Mattress. To learn more, feel free to check out our website, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter to receive the latest updates.