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How to dispose of a mattress

As they say, all good things must come to an end. This melancholy saying applies to everything, even mattresses. Whether it is because a mattress’ life has come to a natural end after many wonderful years of use, or you’ve experienced something a little more unpleasant like a bed bug infestation, sometimes you need to dispose of a mattress.

However, the process of a disposing of a mattress may seem a little daunting. Mattresses are large and cumbersome and don’t exactly fit nicely in the trash bin. So you might be wondering, “how am I supposed to get rid of my mattress?”

First, let’s start with what you are not supposed to do. Specifically, you are not supposed to abandon it in the alley. Not only is this irresponsible and inconsiderate, it can lead to a fine. Instead, you should take the steps to dispose of your mattress properly.

One thing to note is that mattresses don’t need to simply end up in the landfill. In fact, mattresses are made up of things that can be recycled. Metal springs, foam, cotton lining and the wooden frame can all be broken down and recycled. Even memory foam and latex foam mattresses can be recycled.

And if there is nothing technically wrong with your mattress but you are simply replacing it, old mattresses that are still in good condition can be donated to certain charities.

Therefore, there are a number of different services you can use to dispose of your mattress. The most common one is a junk removal company. Most offer specific services to deal with mattresses. You can simply give them a call and arrange for a pick up time. If you are getting a new mattress delivered, you can set up an appointment for your mattress removal that same day so that you are not without a mattress overnight.

The removal company will simply arrive at your home and haul away the mattress you no longer want. You can provide instructions for whether the mattress should be broken down and recycled, donated, or simply taken to the landfill.

Now, perhaps you have experienced the unfortunate situation of dealing with bed bugs. No one would blame you if that is the reason you have decided to dispose of your mattress. In this case, it is important to do your part to prevent the problem from spreading.

First, purchase bed bug spray from your hardware store or hire a company to address the bed bugs. Next, buy a sealable plastic mattress bag from a bed store and put the mattress inside. Once the problem has been addressed and contained, then call a junk removal company. If you have not taken this step, the removal company might refuse to take your mattress away.

Whatever the reason you have for needing to remove your mattress, that’s nobody’s business but yours. However, it is up to you to take the steps for proper mattress removal. That means ensuring that the mattress is going to the right place.

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