Proof That Pure Energy Mattresses Help Sleep, Recovery, Performance & Wellness

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Pure energy mattresses help you sleep

High performance athletes know that there are many elements that must come together to achieve success. One must be dedicated to the goals they set, they must commit to a diet and exercise routine and they have to have a plan to be able to mentally focus as well.

They also must rest, though that can be a tough pill to swallow for athletes like marathon runners or those participating in an event like Ironman triathlon.

It was actually an Ironman athlete who came up with the concept of a mattress that could increase a body’s function and ability to heal while a person slept. Why not increase the efficiency of all that time sleeping?

Because of that innovative mind, plus years of research and clinical trials Pure Energy Sleep System™ mattresses are now on the market.

Technology in the Pure Energy Sleep System™ mattresses have undergone rigorous testing and have been clinically proven to increase sleep efficiency, blood flow and circulation. And you don’t have to be a high-performance athlete to appreciate the benefits of this technology.

But you can rest assured that the world’s most elite athletes and athletic organization have come to trust and endorse this product. The World Triathlon Corporation, which organizes the Ironman Races around the world, realized that the Pure Energy Sleep System™ allow athletes to recover from a vigorous training regime and to wake up feeling refreshed and re-energized.

The mattresses are made with patented CellActive™ Technology. This technology is proven to increase oxygen levels and blood circulation. CellActive™ is a combination of surface and core layers, and is responsive, enabling your body to naturally rejuvenate and restore while you sleep.

How CellActive™ Technology works

The heat released by your body while you sleep is converted into infrared light by the layers in the mattress. The infrared light is then directed into your body increasing circulation, oxygen and blood flow. The following benefits have been found through clinical studies:

  • Faster times to fall asleep
  • Boosted oxygen levels
  • Accelerated muscle recovery
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Greater rate of pain relief
  • Balance body temperature during sleep
  • Improved cellular health

The notable science advisory board that attests to the efficacy of the Pure Energy Sleep System™ is comprised of scientists who study photobiology, nanotechnology, sleep medicine and diabetes and wound care. Each one have a vested interest in the advancement of this technology for the wellbeing of their patients and their scientific field.

The results are in. Whether you are an elite athlete or someone who simply cares about your health, consider a Pure Energy Sleep System™. Even if you are not preparing for an Ironman race, you might still want to use the time spent sleeping to help heal your body and increase its efficiency to perform.

If you are curious about how this incredible technology can work for you and are in the Parksville or Nanaimo area, stop by our store. We are happy to help answer any questions you might have. And who knows, maybe that dream of running a marathon is one step closer to becoming a reality!