This Parksville Mattress Store Has Some BREAKING NEWS!

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Breaking News from M&N Mattress!
Guaranteed to Put You to Sleep!

M&N Mattress wants Nanaimo to sleep better… with every fiber of our being!

After decades of research and development, the leaders in biology, medicine, and physics have successfully created a proprietary fibre guaranteed to give you a better night’s sleep.

Crafted with a revolutionary blend of thermo-reactive minerals and powered by your own body’s metabolism, Celliant fibres actively recycle and convert body heat into infrared energy.

Which means that, every time you go to sleep on a mattress with Celliant fibres, you wake up with a scientifically measurable boost of energy.

Now, M&N Mattress is proud to offer Nanaimo the newest sleep solution… Ironman Pure energy Mattress presents the all-new, high-performance My Recovery Mattress, packed with deep sleep Celliant fibres!

Clinically proven to enhance your sleep, this new Pure Energy Ironman Mattress increases your body’s oxygen levels, not only improving the quality of your sleep, but allowing your body to sleep more efficiently through the night.

With the My Recovery Mattress from Pure Energy Ironman Mattress, your body is able to perform the necessary resting processes while you enjoy sound, relaxing sleep.

Did you know that the body heals better when you’re resting? It’s true. And with the My Recovery Mattress from Pure Energy Ironman Mattress, you can wake up feeling less sore, with much less pain. Even after an intense workout, you’ll wake up feeling renewed and refreshed.

If you’re ready for a better night’s sleep… if you want to do more and feel better… M&N Mattress is Parksville has the solution. Stop by our location and ask about what Celliant fibres can do for you.

Once you experience this sleep-enhancing technology, we think you’ll understand why our customers love these mattresses and why they’re raving about the deep-sleep, reviving powers of Celliant fibres.

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