M&N Mattress Shop: A Torch Award Finalist

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M&N Mattress Shop: A Torch Award Finalist in Lifestyle Category


According to the Better Business Bureau, “Torch Awards recognize businesses that have made an exemplary commitment to honest and ethical business practices and consumer service excellence.” M&N Mattress Shop of Parksville has been awarded a nomination for a Torch Award in the Lifestyle category. Obtaining this nomination is a huge honor for any regional business. M&N Mattress Shop competed against hundreds of other Vancouver Island businesses for this prestigious nomination it achieved through its commitment to customer-focused practices and high-quality products designed for the home.


Product Excellence

It’s easy to market your products when they are known for their superior quality. M&N Mattress Shop is dedicated to selling high-quality mattresses, beds, and bedroom furniture. From Pure Energy Ironman Beds to Organic Beds, its inventory brims with first-rate products. Depending on your home’s needs and your specific sleep needs, you’ll find a bed or mattress that complements everything you want in a bed.


World-Class Customer Service

M&N Mattress Store employs a myriad of best practices to ensure that its customers are fully satisfied with their shopping experience and purchases. With its excellent customer service, the shop has built a large customer base throughout the Parksville and Nanaimo regions. In addition to its willingness to assist customers, the shop has thorough understanding of the products it carries. You can find out exactly how, for instance, Pure Energy Ironman Mattress improves your body’s circulation as you sleep. You can find out why organic mattresses may be safer for your family. The staff’s personable service allows you to select products that are an ideal match for you and your home.


Commitment to Local Quality

One of the reasons M&N Mattress Shop has made a name for itself locally is through its commitment to sell primarily British Columbia products. Its celebrated Ca-Za-Beds, amazing cabinet-style beds, are made with BC wood by BC manufacturers. While there is a certain amount of pride in supporting British Columbian-made merchandise, it’s also an eco-friendly solution to building product inventory. Because these beds are made close to home using local materials, they have less negative impact on the environment. There’s no need to ship them overseas. It requires less energy to make and sell them in British Columbia.


Consumer Excellence

The Torch Award celebrates what M&N Mattress has been doing throughout its history–running an ethical and honest business. The shop proudly stands behind its inventory of products as well as their warranties. You can count on a first-rate shopping experience when you visit its showroom to shop for beds and mattresses. The shop offers an outstanding selection with primarily British Columbia-made items you’ll be proud to own.

If you are in the market for a new mattress, consider visiting M&N Mattress Shop, a Torch Award nominee that will not disappoint you with its customer-focused attention or its superior products. Conveniently located, the shop invites customers to stop in and browse the beds. Sit down on the mattress, and take your time to make the perfect selection. Staff is eager to help you and ready to answer all your questions.