Mattress Sizes: The Best for Your Needs and Comfort

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How Do You Select The Right Mattress Sizes?

There is often a bit of a process that goes into buying a new mattress. Not only is it a large purchase, there are also a few questions you should be asking yourself before you commit to making that purchase. It is important to ensure whatever mattress you choose is the right one for you by considering the following:

How you sleep; on your back, side, stomach?

Whether or not you sleep with a partner and what position they often sleep in.

Do you or your partner tend to move a lot in your sleep?

What is the size of your bedroom?

What is the current configuration and size of your sleep set? (frame, height of mattress, etc)

By answering these questions, you will find yourself much closer to choosing the right mattress and mattress size for your lifestyle and living space. More often than not when choosing a mattress, you will hear the saying “the bigger the mattress, the better you will sleep.” While this is usually true, especially for people who share a bed on a regular basis, there are benefits associated with all mattress sizes. The trick is determining which one will end up being the best choice for you.

Twin Mattress – 38 x 74 ½”/96.5 x 189 cm

A twin sized or single mattress is for the most part ideal for a small child’s room, or for use on bunk beds or day beds you may keep in a guest bedroom. A twin bed isn’t ideal for children under the ages of ten however, as kids tend to start having growth spurts at that age, and will require more room to move around as they sleep.

Full Mattress – 53 x 74 ½”/134.5 x 189 cm

A full sized or double mattress is a better choice for an older kid’s or teenager’s bedroom. This mattress size will more often than not be adequate for many years, and with proper care, can last until your child is ready to move out, saving you from making another big purchase in the future.

Queen Mattress – 60 x 79 ½”/152.5 x 202 cm

A queen sized mattress is ideal for people who sleep with a partner on a regular basis, but who may not have much available space in their bedroom. Being a more popular style mattress, this size often comes in a wide variety of firmness and mattress heights, giving you lots of options to choose from that will provide the best possible sleep for you and your partner.

King Mattress – 72 x 84″/183 x 213 cm

If you’re looking for size and comfort in a single package, you’ll find everything you want in a king sized mattress. These luxurious beds are spacious enough to ensure you and your partner will get a restful sleep without disturbing one another. There are now also variations on the standard sized king mattress known as Eastern and Californian style available if you require something slightly smaller or bigger than the standard king. Try to maximize your comfort as well; view our top-selling Pure Energy Ironman Mattress!

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