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How to choose right mattress size

When it comes to finding a mattress, there are many factors to consider. Considering how much time you spend on the thing, it is well worth spending some time researching what makes a mattress right for you. That’s because finding the right mattresses means a better chance at a good night’s sleep, and that, in turn, has many positive health benefits.

There are some factors that immediately come to mind. Things like firmness and the material that the mattress is made of. But one thing that might be overlooked is that mattress size, and this is just as important as any other consideration.

If you sleep alone or with a partner, one of the most important things to consider is what size of mattress to buy. It’s a little like Goldilocks and the three bears — you don’t want something too big, and you don’t want something too small. You want something just right.

There are some practical things to think about. You’ll have to take into consideration the size of the bedroom that the mattress will be in, and, as mentioned, whether the mattress is for one or two people. Or perhaps it is your child’s first mattress and you want him or her to grow into it.

You also need to think about how you sleep. By that, I mean what shape do you take when you turn out the light? Are you a starfish splayed out or do you curl into yourself like a little hedgehog? Finding the right sized mattress doesn’t have to be complicated, and thankfully manufacturers stick to industry standards.

If you are unsure about what size is right for you, we have gathered some information in this handy guide so you can get a better idea of what size mattress you will need. (Depending on the manufacturer, these measurements may vary by a half an inch.)

Twin Bed
39” x 74”
99cm x 188cm
If you are looking for a mattress for one child or a single adult, a twin mattress might be the right fit.

Twin XL
39” x 80”
99cm x 203cm
Twin extra long beds are great for single adults who measure on the taller side.

Full Bed
54” x 74”
137cm x 188cm
Also commonly called a Double, this mattress size is great for people who sleep alone but enjoy the extra width to spread out. Like the Twin, it is not the best fit for tall people, but it is a great option for young people who are still growing.

Queen Bed
60” x 80”
152cm x 203cm
Queen size mattresses are normally the smallest recommended for two people, though they will still be sleeping close to each other. Queen mattresses provide a great amount of room for a single person who likes to stretch out. It is the most popular mattress size on the market.

King Bed
76” x 80”
193cm x 203cm
King size mattresses are great for couples who need a bit of extra space to get a good night’s sleep. This sized mattress is almost the same width as having two Twin XL beds. Due to the size of the mattress, the box springs come in two pieces.

California King Bed
72” x 84”
183cm x 213cm
While slightly narrower and a little longer than the regular King size bed, the California King is the right fit for those on the tall side. If you have children or pets that join you regularly, this might be the right size for you.

The best thing to do when purchasing a mattress is to try one out for yourself. If you are in the Parksville or Nanaimo area, come by our showroom. We have many makes and models of all the industry standard sizes so that you can truly get a feel of what’s right for you.

We look forward to seeing you soon!