Magnetic Therapy Beds vs. IRONMAN Beds: Which Heals Better?

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Celliant is better than magnetic bed

Optimal health is the condition when our bodies and minds are running as best they can; it is the ideal state that we would all like to achieve. In order to do so, many of us need to heal existing conditions – from physical ailments to mental conditioning. To get to our best health, the journey can be a long one.

But let’s not get overwhelmed and instead focus on the positive things we can do for our bodies to help them heal. We all know that sleep is a critical part of health – is there a way to enhance our ability to heal at night while we sleep?

There are several beds on the market that claim to help your body heal while you sleep. Two of the most popular are the IRONMAN beds, which use something called Celliant technology, and Magnetic Therapy beds.

Let’s take a look at each type of bed.

What is a magnetic bed?

Magnet beds are based on the idea that magnets can help heal ailments. Magnets of various sizes and strengths are sewn into the lining of the mattress, and these are said to increase blood circulation, relieve pain and relieve some diseases. Magnet Therapy mattresses “can be used by anyone looking to rejuvenate their body.”

What is a Celliant bed?

Celliant technology describes a substance made of 13 thermally responsive minerals, which are embedded into the fibers used in mattress manufacturing. Purveyors of these mattresses claim that when these fibers are worn or placed near the body, it converts the body’s heat into Far Infrared light (FIR) and emits it back onto the body, to be absorbed by the tissue and muscles so that oxygen levels increase and healing is enhanced. The IRONMAN bed, originally designed for these high-intensity athletes, uses Celliant technology.

Why choose Celliant technology mattresses over Magnetic Therapy beds?

There is both praise and skepticism over both beds, so it really comes down to which has undergone rigorous testing and has had measurable, reliable results.

Celliant technology has been subject to a wide range of clinical trials, which have shown that there is a measurable effect from exposure to the technology. Blood circulation improves and participants report improvements in ailments and that their bodies have a heightened capacity for healing. You can find the results of these tests online.

Another benefit that Celliant technology has going for it is that they are endorsed and supported by professional athletes across the world. While this is not proof of anything, we do know that these high intensity endurance athletes are extremely dedicated to ensuring they are achieving optimal health.

Magnetic beds have not been studied as vigorously. Though they have gone through some trials, many of the results are inconclusive. The beds, while may have an effect, are simpler and use a much less complicated system than Celliant technology, with corresponding results. They certainly shouldn’t do you any harm (though they are not recommended for anyone who lives with a pacemaker for example).

So, which bed and mattress heals better? More evidence points towards beds with Celliant technology, like IRONMAN beds, over Magnetic Therapy beds. But really it is up to each individual person and what kinds of ailments they are dealing with. For optimal health, we recommend getting a long deep sleep each and every night, and it won’t hurt to find a mattress that enhances your health.