Ironman Recovery Mattress Has Rebranded to Pure Energy Sleep Products

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When you think of the things that help heal a body, you might think of a good diet and plenty of exercise. A mattress might not be at the top of that list. In that case, perhaps you have yet to hear about the Pure Energy Sleep System™.

A proper sleep and rest phase is needed for top athletes to repair and strengthen their muscles, but time is precious! That is why an Ironman athlete came up with the concept of a mattress that helps the body heal while you sleep.

Pure Energy Sleep System™ is endorsed and sponsored as the official sleep product of Ironman athletes. This is not something they take lightly. If you are going to train for and complete a race that has you swimming 3.86 km, bicycling 180.25 km and then running a 42.2 km marathon, you would want the best mattress and sleep products available. You need every tool you can get in order to help your body achieve its maximum output.

After years of research and trials, a team of scientists, athletes and manufacturers have created the Pure Energy Sleep System. The World Triathlon Corporation, who organize the Ironman races around the world, endorse the Pure Energy Sleep System™. They do this because, “these mattresses allow athletes to recover from a vigorous training regime and to wake up feeling refreshed and re-energized.”

It’s not just athletes who can benefit from the Pure Energy Sleep System™. Anyone who is looking to increase their body’s ability to heal and to make the most of their time sleeping will see the benefits.

What makes these mattresses different from their counterparts is what is inside them. Namely, Pure Energy Sleep System™ mattresses use Celliant fibres and CellActive Technology. The short explanation goes like this: Pure Energy Sleep System™ mattresses convert your body’s energy into infrared light (FIR), which is then reflected back into your body. Infrared light technology is used by doctors to increase circulation, reduce inflammation and promote healing.

But don’t just believe us. There have been many clinical trials done of the Pure Energy Sleep System™. Here is a sample of studies and their results:

Oxygenation & Circulation

  • Celliant blood flow studies
    Conducted by: Dr. Lawrence Lavery
    Findings: According to Dr. Lavery, “This study provides objective evidence to support what many of us have observed or heard from people that have worn products enhanced with Celliant. It shows a significant increase in blood flow in the skin when study subjects wore the garments.”
  • Celliant study of 13 healthy subjects
    Conducted by: Dr. Graham Mcclue
    Findings: According to Dr. McClue, “Celliant does, in fact, increase oxygen profusion levels by 10% to 24% in a healthy non-compromised population.”

Increased Performance Levels and Pain Relief:

  • Effect of optically modified polyethylene terephthalate fiber socks on chronic foot pain study
    Conducted by: Dr. Ian Gordon
    Findings: Significantly more reduction in pain was observed in the responses from the Celliant group than controls, based on comparisons of the median reduction in pain before and after starting treatment. 2.7x greater reduction in pain for participants wearing products enhanced with Celliant than those wearing placebo products.

Optimal health means taking advantage of the products available that help your body’s natural ability to heal. Pure Energy Sleep Systems™ do just that.

If you’d like to see this incredible technology for yourself and are in the Parksville or Nanaimo are, come visit our showroom. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have.