Do Pure Energy Ironman Mattresses Actual Help You Heal?

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You’ve probably heard of the Ironman race before—the boundary breaking athletic competition that combines a 180.25 km cycling race, a 3.86 km swimming race and a complete marathon, which tacks on another 42.2 km. Since its inception in the late 1970s, which was meant to settle a debate about which kind of athletes are the fittest, the Ironman race has gained worldwide recognition and has given its competitors the experience of a lifetime.

Not only has Ironman become the benchmark of athletic achievement, it has also developed and supported a line of products. At our M&N Mattress locations in Naniamo and Parksville, we are proud to carry the Pure Energy Ironman Mattress, a mattress designed to not only give you a great night’s rest, but that is made with innovative technology that helps bodies heal themselves while they sleep.

It’s not every day that you hear about a product that can help you heal, especially a mattress. You might be wondering how the Ironman Mattress works and if it can really help you heal.

Pure Energy Ironman Mattresses are made with an innovative type of fiber call Celliant. Celliant fibers are made from natural minerals like titanium dioxide, silicon dioxide and alumina oxide. After those minerals are turned into a powder, they are converted into fibers that are next embedded into polyester fibers that make up the mattresses. What makes these fibers so unique is that they have the ability to absorb energy emitted from the body as a person sleeps.

After the Celliant fibers absorb the energy, it is converted into a form that is usable to the body. Then, Celliant recycles this energy back into the body, which is when the healing process is given a boost. The recycled energy sets off natural chemical reactions in the body like increased blood flow and enhanced oxygenation to the muscle tissue by up to 24 percent. Sleeping on Celliant fibers can also help alleviate the symptoms of arthritis and peripheral vascular disease often associated with diabetes.

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You don’t have to simply take our word for it. There is clinical proof from eight separate studies that demonstrate that Celliant fibres not only enhance sleep by improving sleep quality and efficiency, they are also clinically proven to reduce pain, soreness, and wake after sleep onset (WASO). As mentioned, they can also stimulate the body’s natural healing process, even through several layers of fabric while balancing the temperature of the body.

Whether you are an athlete or are simply looking for ways to enhance your body’s ability to heal, you might want to check out an Pure Energy Ironman Mattress. We have had skeptical customers at M&N Mattress that have come back raving about how their sleep is better than ever and their energy levels are at an all time high. If you are looking to awaken with a new sense of vitality, come down to our store locations in Naniamo and Parksville and see for yourself. We look forward to serving you soon! Like us on Facebook to stay up to date!