Improve Your Quality of Sleep with CELLIANT® Technology

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Many people seem to be willing to try almost anything if it means they will be able to get a good night’s rest on a regular basis and wake up feeling revitalized. Unfortunately for many people, the sleep aid products they choose to buy do not always live up to their promises of a great night’s sleep. Before you waste another dime on ineffective sleep aids, you might consider taking advantage of the tried and tested sleep aid technology that contains the remarkable CELLIANT fibre.

CELLIANT has been clincally proven to increase one’s comfort and promote restful sleep, leaving you with more energy waking up, and has also been shown to let people get a better night’s rest thanks to CELLIANT’s ability to promote REM sleep. By using 13 thermo-reactive minerals that are deeply woven into a fabric’s fibres, CELLIANT technology uses a sleeper’s own body heat and energy to give them a healthy night’s sleep on a regular basis.

CELLIANT Technology Explained

As mentioned previously, CELLIANT fibres contain thermos-reactive minerals, which is why it is so effective at improving a person’s sleep. When we are asleep, our bodies naturally emit infrared energy in the form of body heat. This heat normally escapes us entirely, which is why some people often have trouble maintaining a comfortable temperature as they sleep. With CELLIANT fibres woven into your sheets or other bedding material (including your mattress), you can harness your body’s own infrared energy and use it to your advantage while you sleep. Not only can the CELLIANT fibres help regulate your body temperature, making it more comfortable under your covers and sheets, and allowing you to sleep through the night and recover from your daily physical activity! The infrared energy that is redistributed throughout your body by the thermo-reactive minerals found in CELLIANT fibres is actually able to increase blood flow and increase local circulation. This allows your muscles and other tissue to recover faster while you sleep, allowing you to wake up feeling truly refreshed in the morning.

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Along with the physical benefits of the increased comfort levels you experience with CELLIANT technology, you will also notice an improvement in your mental capacity and productivity. This is due to the fact that CELLIANT fibres make it easier to reach REM sleep, which is vital to the recovery of your mental faculties. Ever spend the night tossing and turning, unable to get any kind of restful sleep? When you wake up the next day, you may need that extra cup of coffee to get your mind working clearly. With CELLIANT technology, this problem will likely never happen again, and with so many quality bedding products that contain CELLIANT fibres to choose from, you will be able to take full advantage of this remarkable revolution in sleep technology by visiting M&N Mattress.

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