How to Keep Cool While Sleeping in the Summer?

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We have some tips to keep cool while sleeping during summer nights.

Summer is practically here, and with the long warm days, come long warm nights. In Nanaimo, BC, those nights are often muggy, humid, and hot.

For many people, summer nights mean facing an uncomfortable sleep. Lots of people “run hot” at night, and wake up in the middle of the night sweaty and overheated, and then unable to get back to sleep. Even with a fan on high, being too hot at night can interrupt a person’s sleep cycle. If this becomes a pattern, the lack of sleep can add up to health problems.

One of the best ways to overcome this problem is to invest in a mattress that helps you stay cool in hot weather. We’ll rank the types of mattresses that you can find in any furniture store, and give you a few extra tips on how to stay cool and sleep well through those toasty summer nights.

What Is The Best Cooling Mattress?

1. Latex

Latex mattresses are probably the top choice for sleeping cool. That’s because the cellular makeup of the material is comprised of an open-cell structure. This means that air doesn’t get trapped so the body doesn’t overheat. These mattresses are breathable and tend to keep the body cool overnight.

2. Cooling Gel Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses are notorious for retaining heat and many people, especially those who heat up at night, turned cold on them. However, new memory foam mattresses made with a layer of cooling gel beads. This invention absorbs and releases excess heat within the mattress, giving hot sleepers a more comfortable sleep. A bonus: you can get a cooling gel memory foam mattress topper to add to the mattress you already have.

3. Innersprings

Innerspring technology has improved a lot over the years. Gone are the old, sharp metal springs, and here to stay are new technologies that create a lot more airflow, and are actually excellent for sleepers who need a cool down.

3. Hybrid

Hybrid seems to be the buzziest marketing word out there these days, but in the mattress, world hybrids are actually pretty great. Combining different types of mattresses, like cooling gel and latex, means that the consumer has more options at their disposal. For hot sleepers, this is a dream come true.

Tips on How to Cool Down While Sleeping

If purchasing a new mattress isn’t an option, here are some other tips to help keep you cool and keep you rested.

1. Invest In a Fan

Considerably cheaper than a new mattress, a strategically placed fan can do wonders. Make sure you test it for noise because you could be replacing one problem with another.

2. Reduce Caffeine and Alcohol

These products can cause the body’s organs to work extra hard to process, meaning that you are heating up from the inside. To give yourself the best chance at a good sleep, limiting alcohol and caffeine is helpful.

3. Change Your Linens

One of the simplest things to help you sleep in the summer is to make sure your comforter isn’t too heavy and that your sheets are breathable and light. Pack those flannel sheets away til winter!

If you are in the Nanaimo area and are looking for sleep tips or to buy a new mattress, come on by to our Nanaimo furniture store where our helpful staff will be happy to help.