Does Ironman Mattress Actually Help you Heal?

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For many people, sleep isn’t always as restorative or restful as they wish it would be. They wake up with aches and pains all throughout their body, like sore back and stiff joints. Instead of rising each morning feeling ready to take on the day, instead they feel that the world is heavy and they don’t have the strength and energy to deal with it.

We talk to a lot of people who are struggling with their sleep. And we always ask the question: what kind of mattress do you sleep on?

At M&N Mattress, we are proud to carry the incredible Pure Energy IRONMAN Mattress. While some people wish there was a magic cure for a good sleep, we think that Pure Energy IRONMAN Mattresses might just be the closest thing out there. Only, the technology is based on science, not magic.

Pure Energy IRONMAN Mattress make some claims that might seem hard to believe at first. The makers of the mattress say that by sleeping on an IRONMAN each night will promote increased health and well-being. You might be wondering how exactly a mattress can help you heal. It’s all in the materials used inside.

Healing Sleep

Ironman Mattresses use a state-of-the-art fibre technology called Celiant fibres.
Celiant fibres are made of a combination of naturally occurring elements like titanium dioxide, silicon dioxide and aluminum oxide, to name a few, which are then processed into a powder and later turned into fibres. These fibres are eventually woven together to make up the Celliant material that is used along with synthetic fibre in the construction of the mattresses.

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So, how does that help a person’s body heal? Celiant fibres work by harnessing the natural energy emitted from our bodies. The fibre absorbs the heat energy emitted from a person’s body while they sleep, then they transform that energy into Far Infrared light (FIR). From there, the fibres redistribute the FIR energy back throughout the body, where it penetrates into muscles, tissues and bloodstream in order to accelerate a person’s natural healing process.

The Celiant fibres thereby oxygenate the blood so that the body can heal more quickly. The mattress won’t fix your broken bones overnight, but it will help put your body in a state that allows it to heal more quickly.

Here are what some of our satisfied customers are saying about the recovery beds:

We love our new Ironman Mattress. It feels wonderful to get up in the morning without a sore back! This bed is so comfortable, you almost don’t want to get out of bed. Thanks for the wonderful customer service M&N, from your sale to the follow up, you were great.
-Debra Murphy, Parksville, BC
October 2016

The Ironman mattress was a totally new experience for my wife and me. Arlene loved it the first time she slept on it but took about a week for me to enjoy it probably due to my damaged back. However, there is no way I would go back to my previous mattress that I thought was a fairly good one. Now with our new latex mattress, I can benefit from a good night sleep. I would recommend M&N Mattress Shop because they sell a very good quality product and the service there is excellent.
-André Bérubé, Nanaimo, BC
February 2017

Thank you so much for helping us choose our new Ironman Mattress! We absolutely LOVE it!
Having the best sleeps we’ve had in years! We’ve been promoting it to anyone who will listen! It’s truly a “Miracle” mattress.
Thanks Again.
-Barb and Kerry, Courtenay, BC
July 2016

If you are having trouble sleeping or you are waking up stiff and sore, the problem might be in your mattress. At M&N Mattress, we are passionate about helping people find the right mattress. If you are curious, come down to our showroom and we’d be happy to answer any questions you have. You can even take a spin on our amazing IRONMAN Mattresses.