Unexpected Ways To Keep Your Bedroom Cozy This Winter

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There are still a couple months of winter left to go – the chill and the damp are here to stay for a while longer. But instead of losing hope that Spring will never come, it’s time to double down on the cozy vibe at home, and especially in the bedroom. By doing a few extra things to cozy up your bedroom, you might find the rest of winter a little more enjoyable.

Winter Linens and Blankets

One mistake that many people make is that they keep the same sheets and duvet on their bed all year. Once the weather begins to shift in the fall, it’s a good time to break out the heavier linens and get the laundered and ready for use. One thing that we LOVE to do before the rain or snow comes is to hang our sheets and blankets outside on a windy, sunny day; there’s nothing more fresh and satisfying than crawling into bed with air- and sun-dried blankets.

If you are thinking about winterizing your blanket array, some ideas to keep in mind:

Sheets – some people love flannel sheets for the cold months, others prefer natural fibers like cotton or even bamboo, which will regulate the body’s temperature if a person tends to “sleep hot.”

Comforter – there is a wide array of options from high-end and expensive down duvets, to down alternatives, which can be very high quality, too.

Weighted blankets – said to help reduce anxiety, weighted blankets are a great option to stay cozy and warm in the winter, too.

Layers – you can create your own version of a weighted blanket by adding layers. People might prefer this option if their temperature fluctuates throughout the night. Switching up the linens is a simple step, and it might help you fall asleep better, too.

Re-arrange Furniture

For a free, surprising, and easy way to up the cozy in the bedroom – rearrange the furniture as the seasons turn. If the bed is normally under the window, you might be experiencing unnecessary chills and drafts; while this is great during the warmer months, it’s not so great during the deep freeze months.

Also, make sure that the bed, dresser, and other bedroom furniture is not blocking vents or the room’s heat source. A quick shifting of the furniture may increase the warmth in the room. It’s also a nice way to give a room a fresh feel and an opportunity to deep clean.

Warm the Floor

One of the simplest ways to add a layer of cozy to your room is to add a rug. A rug will insulate the floor, help retain the heat in the room, and will feel so nice to step onto when you have to get out of bed in the morning.

Watch the Windows

  • One of the worst culprits for allowing heat to escape are poorly insulated or single pane windows. If you are a renter, you can talk to your landlord about replacing them. And if that’s not an option, here are some cheap, easy ways to block the drafts.
  • Use caulk or expanding foam to seal up any leaks near the windows, or any wiring holes nearby.
  • Cut thin plastic wrap the size of the window and seal it into place with a hair dryer to add a layer of insulation.
  • Use self-adhesive weather stripping.
  • Roll up a towel and press it length wise along the window.
  • Hang thick, heavy curtains in front of the windows. Keep them open if there is direct light, and then close them once the sun is gone.

Instead of cranking the heat up to stay warm throughout the winter, which you’ll feel in your bank account, there are other things you can do first to stay cozy. Wearing winter layers at home like slippers and sweaters, drinking hot tea, making sure that your vents are open and not blocked by furniture, and loading up on nice warm blankets is a great place to start.

And making your room a warm, cozy oasis doesn’t have to cost a lot. But you can also invest in a new mattress and new winter linens if you are looking to add that extra draw to help you sleep better at night. In that case, come visit us – we will be happy to help you create the perfect place to sleep through the winter months.