Choosing the Best Mattress Type

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A Guide to Choosing the Best Mattress Type for You

When it comes to finding the right mattress, it’s all about what makes you feel the most comfortable. This sounds easy enough, but finding the mattress that suits all of your comfort needs can actually be quite difficult if you’re not exactly sure what you are looking for. To help you come to a decision about which mattress type best suits your preferences when it comes time to make a purchase, here is simple guide that discusses the pros and cons of common mattresses.


Innerspring Mattress

This is the most common and one of the most affordable types of mattress on the market today. The innerspring mattress uses coil springs, often individually enclosed, as support for your body. Most mattresses of this type are combined with some sort of topper for enhanced comfort.

• There are a number of different types to choose from with different coil counts that correspond to personal preference.
• These mattresses are among the most affordable.
• For specific pain relief, as well as overall durability, these mattresses can compete with more specialized types.
• Can become noisy after a period of time.

Memory Foam Mattress

Becoming more and more popular, the memory foam mattress is made of layered material that contours to the shape of a person’s body by responding to weight and temperature.

• Can often feel too hot, since it absorbs body heat to help form around a person’s body shape.
• Sometimes emits a chemical odour due to the mattress material.

Latex Mattress

Made from rubber, these mattresses provide firm and bouncy support throughout the bed.

• Provides superior support compared to all other mattress types. This is ideal for people who suffer from chronic back and/or neck pain.
• An environmentally conscious option since a latex mattress results in far less wasted material than other mattresses after it has been disposed of.

Air Mattress

We aren’t talking about the mattress you take with you on you camping trips, but rather a mattress that functions similarly to the innerspring mattress, but instead of coils, an air mattress contains individual air-filled chambers.

• This is a very versatile mattress. It is adjustable, which allows for individual support settings.
• It also lasts just as long, if not longer than a traditional innerspring mattress.
• This technology is relatively new on the market, and since the mattress is mechanical in nature, it is subject to mechanical issues that can be potentially expensive to correct.

There are certainly more mattress types to choose from out there, but the ones listed above are the most common, and are often used on specialty beds such as a futon or sofa bed, or adjustable beds. If you have any questions about our mattress selection feel free to contact us, or if you’re on Vancouver Island, stop by our Nanaimo and Parksville Mattress Store to try a bed out for yourself.