Why Choose the Cabinet Beds and More Tips for Designing Your Guest Room

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Cabinet Beds and Other Great Ideas for the Guest Room

For the ideal guest room accessory, look no further than the Cabinet Beds, aka the Cabedza or Ca-Bed-Net. This handy piece of furniture is ideal for the guest room in any home, where it can act as an extra bed for when multiple guests come to stay, or simply the main bed in the guest room that can be stored away to save space when it’s not being used. At M&N Mattress, we are very excited to be able to offer this product to our customers in the Parksville and Nanaimo areas. With this single piece of furniture, you can start to turn your guest room into an attractive and inviting space for visitors to stay. In addition to adding the innovative Space Saving Cabinet Bed to your guest room, here are a few other convenient and simple ways you can spruce up your guest room this summer.

Pamper Your Guests

It’s very easy to make your guests feel special from the moment they get settled into their guest room. You can do this by leaving things like extra pillows and blankets in the closet, having fresh towels folded on the bed, and even placing out some snacks or beverages in the guest room to help your guests unwind and feel at home as soon as they arrive. You can also prepare your guest bedroom with fresh linens and flowers to create a pleasant and inviting scent to make your guest feel welcome.


Create a Larger Space

With the Cabinet Bed, you will find you have a lot more space in your guest room to work with. In addition to this space saving piece of furniture, there are other ways you can make your guest room feel larger and more inviting. Stark white walls can help a small space appear larger as well as brighter and therefore more inviting. You can go further by adding bright colours and various textures to the room to establish an attractive colour contrast.


Remember the Little Things

Since most guest rooms are infrequently used, it can be easy to forget to take care of some small details you take for granted in your own bedroom. For example, it may be a good idea to install some window treatments to reduce the amount of harsh morning light that shines in the guest room (especially if you decide to follow the previous tip and paint your walls white).

By combining the convenience and cleverness of the cabinet bed with these thoughtful tips, you will be sure to impress any guest who is lucky enough to spend time in your comfortable and inviting guest room. Be sure to check out our store’s website to find more information about the available sizes and colours of the cabinet bed, and start to transform your guest room today. For the latest updates on our products and upcoming promotions, be sure to check us out on Facebook and Twitter.