What to Drink And What Not To Drink Before Bed

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Everyone wishes for a good night’s sleep. It’s better for the mind and body when we can have a deep, restful sleep. And the effects spill over into other areas of our lives. Our job, relationships, and interactions with the world at large improve when we are well-rested and alert. So it’s important to do all we can to ensure … Read More

Sleeping & Overeating: Are they linked?

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Everyone knows that a good night’s sleep has many health benefits, but what are the risks or effects of a lack of sleep? According to recent studies, besides being irritable, unable to focus and simply tired, scientists have also found a link between undersleeping and overeating. And it’s not just overeating. That might not be so bad if being sleep … Read More

The Best Mattress for Back Pain

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We all know that we need to take good care of ourselves, especially as we get older. We’re familiar with the familiar signs of aging — aching joints, stiff arms and legs, and, of course, a sore back. And we’re told by multiple sources all the ways we should be taking care of ourselves: making sure we have a good … Read More

Tips To Stop Snoring

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There might not be anything better in the world than a good night’s sleep. But waking up feeling refreshed and energized for the day ahead is not a luxury that everyone has. Many people suffer from sleep disorders and insomnia, and if you sleep with a partner who has sleep problems, you might find yourself suffering, too. One of the … Read More

Why Do We Use Plywood In Our Cabinet Beds

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When it comes to beds, everyone has their personal preferences. Some people need a large surface area to roll around on while others sleep like a log in one spot and hardly move throughout the night. There are those who have the space for a king sized mattress in their bedrooms while others search for ways to have a mattress … Read More

How To Clean Urine Off Your Mattress

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One of the basic truths in life is that bed wetting happens, whether it’s a child, pet or even a grown up. And while it’s not the most comfortable topic to address, there’s no need to make a big deal of it. Instead, the accident needs to be dealt with swiftly and sensitively so we can all get on with … Read More