How To Keep Cool While You Sleep

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Summer on Vancouver Island keeps teasing us. We’ve had some warm weather in Parksville and Nanaimo that feels like it’s here to stay, followed by overcast days that remind us that it’s still spring. But summer is going to officially be here soon, and that means making sure your sleep situation is ready to handle the change in temperature. If … Read More

Sleeping & Overeating: Are they linked?

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Everyone knows that a good night’s sleep has many health benefits, but what are the risks or effects of a lack of sleep? According to recent studies, besides being irritable, unable to focus and simply tired, scientists have also found a link between undersleeping and overeating. And it’s not just overeating. That might not be so bad if being sleep … Read More

Strange Sleep Facts

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Sleep is one of the most fascinating and well studied phenomena out there. While we all know that we need sleep, there are certain things about sleep that remain a mystery. Like why, exactly, do we dream? And why do some animals require more sleep than others? Many scientists have conducted studies into sleep to discover things like what happens … Read More

The Best Mattress for Back Pain

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We all know that we need to take good care of ourselves, especially as we get older. We’re familiar with the familiar signs of aging — aching joints, stiff arms and legs, and, of course, a sore back. And we’re told by multiple sources all the ways we should be taking care of ourselves: making sure we have a good … Read More

Tips To Stop Snoring

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There might not be anything better in the world than a good night’s sleep. But waking up feeling refreshed and energized for the day ahead is not a luxury that everyone has. Many people suffer from sleep disorders and insomnia, and if you sleep with a partner who has sleep problems, you might find yourself suffering, too. One of the … Read More

Why Do We Use Plywood In Our Cabinet Beds

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When it comes to beds, everyone has their personal preferences. Some people need a large surface area to roll around on while others sleep like a log in one spot and hardly move throughout the night. There are those who have the space for a king sized mattress in their bedrooms while others search for ways to have a mattress … Read More

How To Clean Urine Off Your Mattress

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One of the basic truths in life is that bed wetting happens, whether it’s a child, pet or even a grown up. And while it’s not the most comfortable topic to address, there’s no need to make a big deal of it. Instead, the accident needs to be dealt with swiftly and sensitively so we can all get on with … Read More

Do Ironman Mattresses Actual Help You Heal?

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You’ve probably heard of the Ironman race before—the boundary breaking athletic competition that combines a 180.25 km cycling race, a 3.86 km swimming race and a complete marathon, which tacks on another 42.2 km. Since its inception in the late 1970s, which was meant to settle a debate about which kind of athletes are the fittest, the Ironman race has … Read More

How To Fall Asleep Faster

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At our Parksville Mattress Store locations in Parksville and Nanaimo, we meet a lot of people in search of a good night’s sleep. Restless nights can be agonizing and sometimes it seems like the harder you try to fall asleep, the further away sleep gets. There are many reasons that people can’t fall asleep quickly, from stress to travel to … Read More