Developing a Good Sleep Routine

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What’s Your Sleep Routine?   Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to your well-being. An optimum level of sleep enhances both your mental and physical health. Various issues can impact the quality of our sleep: stress, parental responsibilities, longer work hours, and even the food we eat. If you find yourself feeling run down and aren’t sure why, consider your … Read More

M&N Mattress Shop: A Torch Award Finalist

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M&N Mattress Shop: A Torch Award Finalist in Lifestyle Category   According to the Better Business Bureau, “Torch Awards recognize businesses that have made an exemplary commitment to honest and ethical business practices and consumer service excellence.” M&N Mattress Shop of Parksville has been awarded a nomination for a Torch Award in the Lifestyle category. Obtaining this nomination is a … Read More

3 Great Bed Products You Can Find in Parksville

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Not sure which Bed Types are the best? M&N Mattress has provided our top 3 bed types below: If you’re not getting the great sleep you should be getting and believe your mattress or bed is at the root of the problem, you’ll be glad to know there are some high-quality bed products available to you at your Parksville mattress … Read More

Why Buy a Cabinet Bed vs. a Murphy Bed?

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The Space Saving Bed Comparison Cabinet Bed vs. Murphy Bed When people look for space-saving solutions for bedrooms, they often think about those old Murphy beds of long ago with their metal frames that pull off the wall to reveal a thin slice of mattress to sleep upon. In the morning, the mattress and frame can be hoisted up to … Read More