Beneficial Role of CELLIANT® in Natural Latex Mattresses

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Millions (and millions) of people have trouble falling and staying asleep each night. Whether it’s stress, the sleep environment, young children or a full moon that’s keeping you awake, the results are always the same. Lack of sleep = Misery. While we all need rest, the part that’s a tough pill to swallow for some people is that sleep takes … Read More

Proof That Pure Energy Mattresses Help Sleep, Recovery, Performance & Wellness

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Pure energy mattresses help you sleep

High performance athletes know that there are many elements that must come together to achieve success. One must be dedicated to the goals they set, they must commit to a diet and exercise routine and they have to have a plan to be able to mentally focus as well. They also must rest, though that can be a tough pill … Read More

Does CELLIANT® Actually Help With Recovery?

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These days when it comes to health, there are so many conflicting ideas, it’s hard to get to the truth. Some days it seems like red wine is good for you and the next day it’s bad. The same can be said for red meat, salt, eggs, butter and the list goes one. If you’ve heard of CELLIANT before, you … Read More

The Increase of CELLIANT® Technology Use

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How CELLIANT Use Has Increased in The Bedding Industry The use of CELLIANT technology in the bedding industry has been steadily increasing in recent years, largely due to the different types of bedding products that feature this natural sleep aid technology. Fibres containing CELLIANT technology was first woven into textiles in 2003 and introduced to the market by Hologenix, LLC … Read More

This Parksville Mattress Store Has Some BREAKING NEWS!

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Breaking News from M&N Mattress! Guaranteed to Put You to Sleep! M&N Mattress wants Nanaimo to sleep better… with every fiber of our being! After decades of research and development, the leaders in biology, medicine, and physics have successfully created a proprietary fibre guaranteed to give you a better night’s sleep. Crafted with a revolutionary blend of thermo-reactive minerals and powered … Read More