Can Bed Bugs Get Through Mattress Covers?

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Are there any words more dreaded in the English language than “bed bugs”? Even the thought of them is enough to make your skin crawl. No one wants bed bugs. And so it is a good idea to do everything you can to avoid getting them or bringing them into your home.

Today we’re going to talk about bed bug covers, also known as mattress encasements. They are a great thing to know about in the fight against bed bugs.


How Do Bed Bug Covers Differ From Regular Mattress Covers?

Mattress covers traditionally are fitted over the mattress to protect it from spills, moisture. It is there to help keep it clean and prevent wear and tear. They are not preventative against bed bugs and will do nothing to stop bed bugs from nesting or from proliferating.


Bed bug covers are different in several key ways. They encase the entire mattress (and bed spring if there is one) and seal uptight. The idea is to trap any living bed bugs inside the encasement, cutting off their food supply and starving them to death. It sounds a bit dire, but it can be an effective way of dealing with an infestation. However, it will depend on the severity of the problem. Further steps may be needed.


Do They Work to Keep Bed Bugs Out?

Yes, they can. Bed bug encasement covers are often used in situations where beds are being reused or shared, or when there are beds in close quarters — like in a college dorm, for example. In this case, if bed bugs are brought into one suite, a bed bug mattress cover on a bed down the hall will likely stop the bugs from infesting that mattress.


Are Bed Bug Mattresses Guaranteed to Work?

No, they are not. Not all mattress covers are made equal, and it’s very important to find one that is high quality, that seals up fully and does not have any holes or small openings in it. Otherwise, it will be a waste of money and time that has now given the creatures a chance to spread even further.


Bed bugs are incredibly industrious critters that can and will find the tiniest opening and make a breakthrough, and it will bring his friends along to continue their reign of terror. The mattress encasement must seal up all the way around in order to be effective.


Why Use A Bed Bug Mattress Cover?

These mattress covers are great because, when used correctly, they are an effective, affordable, toxin-free way to kill off an infestation. They are also a preventative measure in case your bed might be exposed to bed bugs. Perhaps you rent your space out to travellers or you often have visitors in your home. A bed bug mattress cover will be helpful in preventing bed bugs from burrowing into your mattress and becoming a terrible problem.


Perhaps you will want to buy a brand new mattress, even if you’ve had just a bed bug scare. Or maybe it is time to upgrade to a nice new clean mattress. Come visit us at our Parksville mattress store and we will be happy to get you the mattress you are looking for.