Why Buy a Cabinet Bed vs. a Murphy Bed?

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The Space Saving Bed Comparison

Cabinet Bed vs. Murphy Bed

When people look for space-saving solutions for bedrooms, they often think about those old Murphy beds of long ago with their metal frames that pull off the wall to reveal a thin slice of mattress to sleep upon. In the morning, the mattress and frame can be hoisted up to store against the wall again. Fortunately, bed designers have come a long way from yesterday’s Murphy beds, making way for the even more space efficient and functional Cabinet bed. In fact, if you are in search of a great space saving bed that’s just as comfortable as it is visibly attractive, consider finding out more about cabinet beds and how that can enhance your home’s interior design.


What’s a Cabinet Bed?

A cabinet bed is a space saving bed that will enhance any room of your home. Single to queen-size mattresses unfold from their respective cabinets to transform into a comfortable bed. As cabinets, this furniture is handsome and ideal for any room of your home. They hold up to five hundred pounds, so when you don’t need them to provide mattress service, you can set anything from a computer printer to a vase and photographs atop them.


No Installation Required

Off-the-wall beds like Murphy beds require installation. You’ll need to drill into your wall in order to attach the bed’s frame apparatus. If you don’t install your Murphy frame in wall studs, you risk eventually pulling out the frame from the wall with use. Moreover, you may not relish putting heavy-duty holes into your home’s walls in any case. These BC-made Cabinet beds require no installation whatsoever. The entire unit is self-contained.



Unlike a Murphy bed which must be permanently situated for use, cabinet beds can be moved to any room of your home or easily transferred if you move to a new home. This gives cabinet beds a decided edge over Murphy beds. You can move your cabinet bed to your den, home office, or any bedroom in your home.


Aesthetically Pleasing

A Ca-Bed-Za is designed as a great piece of furniture as well as an alternative bed. Made with Canadian materials like wood, these beds are elegant and attractive. You can easily add this cabinet to any room of your house to pleasing effect. You could hardly do that with a Murphy bed!

When you purchase a cabinet bed at your Parksville and Nanaimo mattress store, you’ll also discover that a great mattress comes with your cabinet. Your cabinet bed easily transforms into a bed and then back into a cabinet within moments. Convenient, attractive, and durable, a cabinet bed is a welcome alternative to a Murphy bed. When you visit your nearby mattress store, you can find out more about how these beds are designed. You can also view a demonstration about how they unfold into beds, provide storage for bedding, and transform back into a cabinet. Be sure to stretch out on a floor model so you can experience just how comfortable the mattresses are before you make a purchase.