Your Guide to Buying Mattress Accessories

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Image of mattress topper being placed onto bed.

Creating the best sleep space for a restful, high quality sleep starts with the mattress. Finding the right mattress for your body and your preferences can actually be life-changing, especially for those who need help falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer. 

The things to consider when shopping for a mattress include size, firmness, material, and cost (you don’t want buyer’s remorse keeping you up all night!). It’s a good idea to go in person and really get a feel for a mattress by lying down and trying to relax, and talking with a sales associate about what you want and need.

After that, it’s all about the accessories! 

Mattress accessories, as they are known in the retail mattress world, are add-ons and extras that will do even more to enhance the quality of your sleep. Some are more practical than others, but they all make the sleep experience better.

There are a lot of options out there, so we thought we’d create this guide for you.

Your Guide to Buying Mattress Accessories

1. Mattress Protector

A lot of mattress retail stores won’t let you leave the store without buying a mattress protector along with your mattress purchase. It’s not to get more money out of you, it’s to protect you because oftentimes, warranties will be void if you don’t have a mattress protector. 

Mattress protectors are essential for keeping your mattress in good shape long into the future. Sometimes bodies leak, but that fact doesn’t have to ruin your mattress, or the warranty that came with it. Choose a mattress protector that is high quality and that doesn’t make sound.

2. Mattress Topper

Sometimes people get toppers and protectors confused but they serve very different functions. A mattress topper sits atop your original mattress for an added layer of comfort or softness. They come in a wide range of densities, thicknesses and materials. If you are finding that your mattress is a little too firm, a high quality mattress topper is a great way to make an adjustment without needing to replace your whole mattress.

3. Sheets

There is nothing like crawling into bed knowing that you have high quality, amazing sheets waiting for you! The right sheets can make or break a sleep experience – too thick or heavy can lead to a sweaty sleep, or too light in the colder months can mean that you need to add more layers. 

Bedding is an investment that is worth making, and having a few options that you can change along with the seasons. Some materials to choose from include cotton, bamboo/rayon, fleece, linen, microfiber – each with benefits, depending on how hot you run when you sleep. Keep them freshly laundered for an even better experience.

4. Pillows 

What a world of difference the right pillow can make, and too many people sleep with pillows that actually cause them pain and suffering. Everyone will have different needs and pillow preferences – some prefer a flat pillow, others like to sink in or have their pillow shaped to the contour of their head and neck. It’s important to not have pillows that are too high or too low to avoid stiffness. They come in a variety of different materials, too, so it might take some time to find out what you like.

5. Box Springs

This mattress accessory has lost some favour over the last few years, with the design of mattresses changes and people preferring a low-profile platform bed frame. But box springs are still loved by many, and they can enhance a mattress’s performance and lengthen the mattress’ lifespan. Box springs can also make it easier to get into and out of bed for anyone with mobility issues, and they can add extra support if a mattress is feeling too soft.


Investing in your sleep will pay off. Falling asleep faster and staying asleep through a deep, restful cycle increases overall health and well-being, and a person’s mattress and mattress accessories all add to the experience. The great thing about mattress accessories is that they can be replaced and updated without a lot of cost to improve the quality of a person’s sleep. 

We invite you to come into our store so that we can share our expertise with you on all things mattresses and mattress accessories!