Sleep Doctors: How the Professionals Handle a Restless Night

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Image of someone struggling to sleep

If you’ve ever experienced insomnia, or even a short streak of restless nights, you know how much of an impact it has on the rest of your life.  We’ve probably all been there… just as you are laying down to sleep, the mind kicks in to overdrive. Suddenly, every stressful situation in your life is demanding your attention, competing with … Read More

Sleep Paralysis and How the Right Mattress Can Help

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Image of person sleeping in a bed wearing an eye covering

If you have never experienced sleep paralysis, you might want to count your lucky stars. Thankfully the complete loss of movement and control in the body is temporary. Nonetheless, it can be an altogether terrifying experience that leaves a person feeling rattled for the rest of the day. In a similar way that a bad dream does. There are people … Read More

Your Guide to Buying Mattress Accessories

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Image of mattress topper being placed onto bed.

Creating the best sleep space for a restful, high quality sleep starts with the mattress. Finding the right mattress for your body and your preferences can actually be life-changing, especially for those who need help falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer.  The things to consider when shopping for a mattress include size, firmness, material, and cost (you don’t want … Read More

How to Sleep Better With Menopause

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There are many reasons why people might have trouble sleeping – stress, the temperature, uncomfortable bedding, and so on. And for women, there can be an added factor each month. When menopause symptoms, or pre-menopause symptoms, come on, they can bring a whole new set of challenges that affect sleep.  Since we all know that disruptions to sleeping patterns can … Read More

12 Days of Xmas EXTENDED

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Did you hear about your 12 Days of Christmas, 12 FREE Mattress Give-away?  If not, we’re giving away 12 FREE Mattresses to children 1- 16 Years old to those that are in need. Be decided to extent the nominations to Dec 19th, so get your entries in! It’s easy to nominate someone, all you have to do is email … Read More