Benefits Of A Natural Latex Mattress

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Looking for a new mattress can be a bit of a challenge sometimes, especially if you are unfamiliar with what’s currently available on the market these days. Before simply running out to a big box store and purchasing another traditional mattress that will only end up lasting you a handful of years, you may want to consider an alternative like a natural latex mattress. Many people are still unfamiliar with the benefits of a natural latex mattress, so we’ve put together this brief guide to give you an idea of what those benefits are, how they compare to traditional mattresses, and how they can improve your quality of sleep and overall health.

100% Natural Material

A lot of the latex mattresses that can be found in stores today contain some form of synthetic material. It is this material that eventually compromises the integrity of the latex mattress and decreases the potential lifespan of the mattress itself. With a completely natural mattress, the material actually stands up to a great deal of stress and abuse for a much longer period than a hybrid synthetic and natural mattress can, and a significantly longer period than a traditionally manufactured mattress. A mattress made with 100% natural latex can easily last up to 20 years if properly maintained. In addition to the longevity of the product, a natural mattress is also completely chemical free, meaning you won’t have to even think about being exposed to the harmful chemicals that are otherwise used in a traditional mattress. This can have a significantly positive effect on your overall heath and you quality of sleep.

Total Comfort

With a traditional mattress, you may find it necessary to supplement the existing mattress with additional toppers and other materials for added comfort. This eventually may become necessary as the mattress gets older and begins to lose its shape. With a natural mattress however, you will be able to experience consistent comfort for a number of years, even decades, as you sleep each night. This is due entirely to the fact that natural latex does not attract heat or moisture, which can eventually cause the loss of shape that traditional mattresses experience after a short period of time. The ability natural mattresses have to keep their shape under stress also helps with the overall support a person experiences from the mattress. Having a mattress that is able to consistently support your body as you sleep can go a long way towards ensuring a restful and healthy sleep each night for many years.

Environmental Sustainability

Beyond the comfort level and the health benefits that come with a natural mattress, there are a number of positive environmental factors that can be considered. The natural latex mattresses that M&N Mattress features in our showroom for our customers in Parksville, Nanaimo and Vancouver Island are manufactured by Savvy Rest. This company prides itself on using natural latex materials that come from completely organic sources in India according to the USDA.

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