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Decora Pine Suite

decora bed

A single panel headboard constructed of solid pine featuring clean lines with a stylish raised panel design in a finish of your choice.

Decora Bed
Item Code: 600
Twin: 43″W x 48″H x 78″D
Double: 58″W x 48″H x 78″D
Queen: 64″W x 48″H x 83″D
King: 81″W x 48″H x 83″D

decora nightstand

Decora Night Stand
Item Code: 600-60
21″W x 21.5″H x 18″D

decora nightstand 1

Decora N S
Item Code: 600-65
22″W x 27″H x 18″D

decora chest

Decora Chest
Item Code: 600-28
31″W x 31″H x 18″D

decora dresser

Decora Dresser
Item Code: 600-40-9
58″W x 37.5″H x 18″D

decora dresser 2

Decora Dresser
Item Code: 600-40
58″W x 30″H x 18″D

decora chest2

Decora Chest
Item Code: 600-31
31″W x 54″H x 18″D

decora chest2

Decora Chest
Item Code: 600-30
31″W x 45.5″H x 18″D

decora chest3

Decora Chest
Item Code: 600-29
31″W x 38″H x 18″D

decora lingerie chest

Decora Lingerie Chest
Item Code: 600-2004-6
21″W x 55.5″H x 18″D

decora mirror

Decora Mirror
Item Code: 600-50
34″W x 38″H x 2.5″D