Are Massage Chairs Safe for Children or Elderly?

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Are massage chairs good for seniors

Getting a good massage has plenty of benefits. It can relax your muscles, stimulate blood flow, and calm the mind. But the difficult is finding the time to fit a massage into a busy schedule.

That’s why massage chairs are a great piece of furniture. They are there waiting for you at the end of a long day or are ready to go if you have ten minutes in the morning to sit down and relax. In fact, they are great when you need to fold laundry or do some paperwork. Who said multitasking couldn’t be relaxing?!

But are massage chairs good for everyone? What about children or older people? Will they get hurt if they use the chair?

These are great questions, especially if there are elderly people and/or children at home who are curious about using them.

Massage chairs for children

While massages for children are not that common, there are plenty of cases where young people would benefit from a gentle massage. In fact, stress in children’s lives is often overlooked, and they can carry their tension in their muscles just like adults.

The thing to be careful about with children is that massage chairs are designed for bigger, taller, adults. When small kids sit in the chairs, contraptions that are meant to knead the muscles might instead reach other sensitive areas like the neck.

However, for most teens or bigger kids, the pressure shouldn’t be nearly enough to do any damage, and they might actually get some benefit from it. Always provide adult supervision, do be careful to keep the settings on low just to be safe, and make sure they know how to turn it off if it gets too intense. In any case, always refers to the owner’s manual.

Full Body Massage Chairs for Elderly or Seniors

Older people, too, can greatly benefit from whole body massage. Again, the increase in circulation and even the simple act of human touch and connection can give the brain a big boost in hormones that calm the mind and induce happiness.

With seniors, it is also important to proceed with caution, especially if they are beginning to show signs of frailty. Seniors are much more likely to be living with bone conditions like osteoporosis, or other conditions like hypertension and heart disease. It is important not to exacerbate this and sitting in a massage chair that is on an intensely high setting might do just that.

For seniors curious about massage chairs, a gentle setting and a short cycle is the best way to start. Make sure they know where the controls are and how to adjust them in case they begin to feel uncomfortable or experience any pain. It is also a good idea to be nearby in case they need any help stopping or getting out of the chair.

In general, massage chairs are designed with safety in mind, and therefore should be okay for people of any age to use, unless specified otherwise. If a person has a condition where the chairs might cause discomfort, it is important that they know how to power it down if it becomes painful. However, massages are great for the body and mind, and if there is an opportunity to receive some body work, then it’s worth checking out.