Headboards…Are They Necessary For Your Bed and Mattress?

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Each room in a home has its own personality. And the one that some people find the most inspiring to decorate is the bedroom. It’s a personal thing, to decorate a bedroom – and it’s important to make it inviting, cozy, and the perfect place to find rest and relaxation.

We all know that beds and mattresses are an investment not to be taken lightly. This is the place where we spend a third of our lives, and it’s important that it’s the right fit for us. Mattresses have come a long way over the years and have been designed and manufactured to help people get a restful sleep, night after night.

But what about the bed frame? And the headboard? What is the purpose and are they even necessary?

Bed frames, yes, are necessary. But when it comes to headboard, the answer is all about preference. These days, more and more people are finding that they don’t really like the look of them. As a result, they’re finding new and interesting ways to replace their headboard. So, let’s talk about why someone might want a headboard, and what to do if you think it’s not the right bedroom accessory for you.

Why have a headboard?

Bed headboards have been around for a long time, and they were originally used both as an aesthetic addition to more elaborate bed frames, as well as a barrier between the wall and the end of the bed. Way back when, homes were not as well insulated as they are today and the cold transferred through the walls. A headboard kept a sleeper’s head from absorbing the chill, helping a person to have a cozier, more restful sleep.

Headboards also once provided a sort of “completed” look to a bed, along with the footboard. Matching furniture suites involves dressers, nightstands, perhaps a vanity, as well as a bed frame that included a headboard and a footboard. In fact, the headboard was often quite large. They were tufted and made of luxurious fabric or carved wood, and was a focal point of the bedroom.

Today, many people have a more pared down aesthetic. Headboards are minimal, if there is one at all. They can most certainly enhance the look of a room, but there are some many different options that are headboard-ish, and that add a fun and unique element to the bedroom.

What are some alternatives to headboards?

If you don’t like the idea of a traditional headboard, but still want a little accent behind the bed, here are a couple of fun ideas that are cost effective and that you can create for yourself.

1. Add a Shelf

Installing a shelf on the wall behind the bed is a great way to add to the design of the bedroom, and to create some more functionality. Add books, lamps, plants, and art to create a pseudo-headboard without all the fuss.

2. Paint a Headboard

This is a popular choice to add a visual anchor to the room without adding more furniture. You can either install interesting wallpaper as an accent behind the bed, or paint a rectangle in an exciting colour behind the bed. Both are great options to add a pop of colour and to add an element of design.

3. Create an Art Display

Behind the bed is the perfect place for your favourite art, and a gallery wall is a very modern and popular way to replace the idea of a headboard, but to still have something compelling to look at. Gallery walls are great because you can easily update them and switch them around as your aesthetic changes. After all, you can collect art over your entire lifetime.

In Summary

These days, headboards are more of a suggestion than a necessity. However, it’s nice to have something behind the bed because its such a natural space for some kind of display. Most headboards easily attach to a bed frame or by screwing into the frame, so you could always try one out and remove it if you’re not feeling it.

At our Parksville mattress store, we love headboards as much as we love hearing new ideas and seeing DIY projects that have replaced traditional headboards. What we really care about is that our customers are finding ways to rest well! If you are in the market for a new mattress, bed frame, or headboard, we would love to help you find the perfect one!