Pure Energy Ironman Mattress Reviews

Oct 2019

Neck and shoulder pain gone!

Pat & Norm, Qualicum Beach

Oct 2019

The mattress is very comfortable; therefore, I have fewer sore spots when I get up. I have had great sleep. I would definitely recommend these mattresses to anyone! Also, the service was excellent!

Claire Cyr, Qualicum Beach

Oct 2019

Very comfortable mattress, still adjusting the head/feet elevation to the most comfortable heights for us.

Bill Burgoyne, Parksville

Oct 2019

Can’t thank you enough for all your help. We love this bed, no more sore backs in the morning. We find we don’t toss and turn in the night either. The pillows are the icing on the cake, so comfortable!
-Two very happy sleepers.

Bill & Lou Lineham, Nanoose

Sept 2019

Love the mattress. It is like sleeping on air. Thank you Sukh!

Barbara Pisler, Parksville

Sept 2019

I love my mattress!! So comfy!
Thanks guys

Christine Nagy, Parksville

Sept 2019

Hi Neelam!
We are very happy, and impressed by the “Ironman Mattress”. We sleep (actually especially me) sleep much better. (I can now sleep). The pillows help keep my spine straight-better back!
Was first impressed by the presentation at the home show! Will certainly drop by for a coffee!
Thank you again, I can now sleep!

MaryAnn Grivel, Parksville

Sept 2019

We are happy to report that we have had a great experience in purchasing our ironman mattress from M&N Mattress Shop. We appreciated the knowledge and expertise shared so enthusiastically by Mark, which gave us confidence in the high quality of the Ironman Product. As Mark promised we would, we left the store smiling! We are now sleeping soundly and awaking feeling well rested each morning. One more comment… The delivery guys are awesome! Professional, helpful and so pleasant! We would definitely recommend M&N and the Ironman Mattress and have , in fact, done so to many of our friends.

Roy & Cathie Harris, Parksville

May 2019

I can sleep and wake up without having lower back pain. Service has been wonderful!

Keith & Judy Reed, Victoria

April 2019

From start to finish M&N Mattress provided excellent customer service. We are proud owners of a new Ironman Mattress. We wake up feeling well aligned and would compare the experience to being adjusted by a professional chiropractor. In three weeks, we are well rested, pain free and refreshed. We highly recommend M&N for anyone seeking knowledgeable staff, a high-quality product and an overall terrific experience.

Carmen & Tom Hartman, Qualicum Beach

April 2019

I Praise my Lord for every good thing that happens to me.
My daughter first suggested that we go into M&N’s as we might see a bed that I’d like. When we did I was so comfortable that felt I could have a nice nap right there in the store. We enjoyed meeting Sukh and trying out what is now my bed. I was surprised when my Ironman bed was delivered that the two nice delivery guys even made the bed for me. I now sleep after many years of not sleeping well. The massage for my back and feet is a blessing. Why did I wait so long? It was a great experience from start to finish. Hey everyone, I love my new bed!

Sue (Vera) Bitton

March 2019

An excellent investment: Best Sleep Ever!
It’s also a wonderful way to just sit back & read.

Carol Low, Qualicum Beach

March 2019

Sleeping great! Thanks! Fantastic, prompt delivery. No complaints ?

Amanda Craig, Nanoose Bay

February 2019
Brilliant local company! Bed is fabulous… so I bought 2! Totally would recommend ?

Gerald Ferguson, Parksville

January 2019
Walked into the store ad was instantly greeted with positive energy and given the all the facts and knowledge to put someone like myself at ease while making a major purchase such as this. The decision to make my purchase was easy with the help of everyone at the shop. Highly recommend! Thank you so much!

Coby & Karla Johnson, Nanaimo

January 2019
I am delighted with my Ironman mattress and I am delighted with my dealing with the fine people at M&N Mattress. I am enjoying a solid night’s sleep.
Thank you!

Carol Wright, Qualicum Beach

January 2019
Bed is everything you said it would be! Comfortable!

Hilde Thomas, Qualicum Beach

January 2019
Sleeping is great for both of us! Love to sit up and read at night with the massage feature on—helps me relax! Love the bamboo sheets too!

Irene Creally, Qualicum Beach

January 2019
Dear Folks at M&N,

Never in over 60 years have we slept so well. I Barked at the cost of the mattress, but now without a doubt I consider it the best investment ever. The only downside: it’s been challenging to keep the dogs out of the bed ?

Kane & Elvira Summers, Nanaimo

January 2019
Not only do we sleep better because of our Ironman mattresses, but we also compete, play and live better!

Lally Graner, Qualicum Beach

January 2019
It is soft but firm. I hurt my foot and had to keep it raised. I was thankful that I didn’t have to worry about keeping a pillow under it. I could just raise my foot of the bed. Much easier.

Ron & Marilyn Demers

January 2019
I just love my bed. I sleep so well, and my neck problems seems to have gone away. Watching TV in bed is so comfortable! I Only wish that I had bought the adjustable base much sooner than I have. All the best for the New Year!

Ingrid Raw

January 2019
Love my new bed with the “lower” head board. The adjustable base is pure luxury. My Ironman mattress is super comfortable, and it does not get hot when I sleep on it. Good buy! ?

Sandi Lambert, Qualicum Beach

November 2018
We love our new bed. Wonderful sleep, Absolutely NO sore stiff body anymore. A joy to elevate in wedding position for hours without discomfort. I would recommend highly. Thank you!

Phil Organ, Qualicum Beach

Outstanding bed & Mattress combination. Matched by the customer service.
Grazie Mille,
Alex Van Amerongen

October 2018
We both have experienced improved sleeping (quality & duration) since we received our Ironman Mattress. The ability to raise the head position seems to improve our sleep also.
Shari & Barry Magnusson, Parksville

September 2018
I was very impressed with experience at the M&N Mattress Shop. They were very informative; knowledgeable about their product; patient; pre and post purchase communication was punctual; we never felt pushed. They have a positive reputation that we’ve heard about. Before and after our purchase from our friends and family. We were so impressed we sent a visiting family member to M&N Mattress Shop. They have slept on our cabinet bed latex mattress & Ironman Mattress and had asked about it. They have a great rest as every night and they wanted to know more about it. We are very pleased we went to M&N Mattress Shop to purchase our mattresses and furniture.
Lucy Birchall, Parksville

September 2018
John suffers from schizophrenia since the purchase of his Ironman bed set he says he sleeps more sound not tossing and turning and his back pains are much better. Thank you Sukh for taking the time with us ALL. Ken (manzer) is also enjoying his bed he bought.
John Sailes, Parksville

July 2018
We are very happy with the quality of sleep we’ve enjoyed since purchasing our Ironman Bed. Back and hip pain are greatly reduced which is improving how we feel while going about our day.
Rod & Michelle Stewart, Qualicum Beach

April 2018
A very positive experience! We were greeted immediately upon entering the store, very knowledgeable staff who went out of their way to find the best mattress for my back problems, delivery was prompt professional service from start to finish. I would highly recommend! Very pleased with our purchase! Perfect for my back, no pain anymore.
Art and Maureen Bond, Parksville

April 2018
Thank you Neelam for explaining so clearly the benefits of an Ironman mattress to me and my daughter. I bought this mattress a month ago and have experienced the best sleeps ever! Happy, happy, happy!
Jeanne H, Courtenay

March 2018
I wish that I could say that I am so pleasantly surprised and that all my achy complaints have vanished—but I have not stayed awake long enough to check it out.
GT Bailey, Parksville

February 2018
I am very pleased with the concern for my health issues shown by Sukh and the staff at the Parksville M&N Mattress store. A genuine interest was shown to obtain the best adjustable base unit and price to fulfill my requirements.
I had previously purchased a mattress here and was able to save the purchase of a new mattress, since the unit was shown to perform very well with the type of mattress I have. Thank you.
E. W. Burt

December 2017
We love our king size mattress. I suffer from fibromyalgia, so my sleep was very sporadic. Since buying our new mattress my sleep is much better! Within days the pain in my hips was gone. My life/health has improved immensely. My husband suffers from gerd-with him putting the head of the bed up slightly it has helped a great deal. He also isn’t snoring anymore- Ya!! We enjoy setting the bed in TV mode and watching TV before going to sleep. We love it!!!
Bob and Vicki Elsdon, Nanoose Bay

December 2017
I bought the top of the line pure energy mattress. Best purchase I have made. I now have a sound sleep, my hips are no longer aching and I feel well rested when I awake. Super service at this store, and the staff are knowledgeable and well informed. Good experience. I would not hesitate to recommend this store and this mattress.
R. Baxter, Parksville

December 2017 Why did we wait so long to buy one??? The mattress and pillows are amazing, no more waking up with sore backs, necks, ect. The mattress has improved our sleep quality by 1000! We are so pleased with our purchase! Thanks for the great service ? Ken & Heidi Holtzman, Port Alberni

December 2017 Hello, A purchase well worth waiting for! We both are sleeping better. Waking with well rested bones & muscles. Very happy with our bed! Thank you! Doug & Sue Spicer, Parksville

December 2017 We love our king size mattress. I suffer from fibromyalgia so my sleep was very sporadic. Since buying our new mattress my sleep is much better! Within days the pain in my hips was gone. My life/health has improved immensely. My husbands suffers from gerd-with him putting the head of the bed up slightly it has helped a great deal. He also isn’t snoring anymore- Ya!! We enjoy setting the bed in TV mode and watching TV before going to sleep. We love it!!! Bob and Vicki Elsdon, Nanoose Bay

November 2017 I’ve been sleeping on my Ironman for 3 months now and its is everything it claims to be. Great sleeps and wake up pain free. Amazing! G. Husband, Qualicum Beach

October 2017 I had shoulder surgery on Nov 14. I have never been able to sleep on my back but now I am forced to. With my adjustable base and Ironman bed I can change the positions so that I can get comfortable and get some sleep. The Ironman mattress system is perfect for recovery from surgery. Bardua, Nanoose Bay

November 2017 With pleasure I’d like to tell you how pleased I was with the service I received on October 23rd in your store to buy a bed. The sales lady was professional and very friendly, and I was able to make up my mind right there as the price was right as well. Delivery was supposed to be in 14 days. That happened well within the 14 days time frame. On November 2nd the first snow fall caused a delivery delayed but they did come deliver the bed and taken the old one away for me. The delivery men did an absolute superb job in the wet and cold evening. I like to mention that this was the third time I have purchased a bed from M&N Mattress Shop. E. Van Grondelle

October 2017 If you ever need to buy a remote-operated, hospital bed but dislike that institutional appearance, M&N mattress in Parksville is the place to go! This past February my husband was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS). By then, he already had difficulty getting into and out of a regular bed. So, we began a search to find a bed he liked that could elevate flat as well as incline at the head and foot, to make the process easier for him. A neighbour showed us their Ironman bed and also recommended that we consider buying one at M&N mattress shop because of their amazing customer care and after service. We found it to be absolutely true. Three weeks and a pile of research later, I bought two, single long sized (4.0 Ironman beds on Kingsdown-Beaumont bases). After two months, we also bought the full frames (with headboard and footboard) reckoning that the frames would hold the mattress in place better since it frequently tends to shift off the base. All things considered, comfort and dependability far outweigh the cost. We have both enjoyed a sound, cool, and comfortable sleep for the past six months. First, there is no doubt that the Ironman technology is indeed everything it claims to be. And even if the beds do not raise and lower exactly like a hospital bed, the head and foot both do move up or down separately, and incline flat from the head or foot. There is also a special zero gravity position that’s out of this world comfortable! All in all, if you are seeking an excellent place to buy high quality specialty beds and value truly great customer service with attentive after care, we highly recommend M&N Mattress! Adriana Gamble, Parksville

October 2017 We would love to thank the owners and staff of M&N mattress for their excellent customer service. We found them to be very knowledgeable and personable during our experience. We were very skeptical at first, as we both have extremely painful lower back problems (osteo arthritis, bone spurs, stenosis). We were not sleeping through the night, groggy the next day, and extremely sore throughout the day. We were getting out of bed crippled and hunched over with extreme pain for the first 20 or so steps of the day. Within the first week after purchasing the bed, we noticed significant improvement in our quality and duration of sleep. After the second week, we started to see the decline of difficulty walking first thing in the morning. I have also stopped taking medication at night to sleep. Now we can get out of bed free of pain and have a good start to our day. We are both enjoying our bed so much that we are actually dreading on going away for a holiday. We recommend this Ironman Recovery Mattress and mechanical bed to anyone with a daily pain. Bob & Debbie Lins, Nanaimo

October 2017 We are very pleased that we purchased the Ironman mattress with the adjustable base. After trying different mattresses at other stores, we decided to visit M&N Mattress Shop. We both experience sleeping issues and with some apprehension decided to purchase the Ironman Mattress. We find the mattress very comfortable and it certainly helps alleviate the aches and pains that we have. We definitely would recommend this mattress and recommend M&N Mattress Shop! Carol and Peter Ebert, Parksville

October 2017 We ordered new sleep systems for ourselves and our teenage son. Since then we’ve been having more restful sleeps and have noticed the morning coughs of both our son and my husband subside. Allergies which are normally hectic in the all are much more tolerable!! Thanks! Nora Madill, White City (SK)

October 2017 Hi Sukh, I purchased this mattress and lo and behold… no more tossing and turning! I sleep soundly and awakened fully rested. No need to find a comfortable position. Its insanely comfortable! Best purchase ever!!! P.S … your guys did a stellar job of delivery and set up. Thanks again and many kudos your way! Pat Maguire, Nanaimo

October 2017 Ron thinks it’s just great! Reduced his pain in his back & knee. He can sleep on the side he couldn’t before. I find it easy to move and less pressure on my bones and great pressure relief on my muscles. We have more restful sleeps at night now. Ron & Caren Brown, Port Alberni

August 2017 The installers arrived on time- which was appreciated. When they left there was not a scrap of plastic or cardboard left behind. All we saw was our new bed. When a small adjustable was requested- immediate response. TV watching, massage and mattresses.. a real treat. Jane and Kurt Fuhrmann, Nanoose Bay

July 2017 The Ironman mattress has been one of the best purchases of my life. The arthritic stiffness in my hips and shoulders is now a non-issue for me. My 18 year debilitating back pain has improved some and I get over major flare ups more quickly. Valerie Taylor, Parksville

July 2017 I have had a big improvement in lower back problem since I got an Ironman mattress. Also must thank your staff for their assistance and for the delivery people who were so efficient, thank you all very much. V.M Demers, Parksville

July 2017 Dear Sukh, I Just started sleeping in my new bed since July 27th, but have been sleeping well. One of my neighbors I had met yesterday had also bought one from you and he loves it the neighbourhood here is great and they are having a gathering in august neighborhood here is great and they are having a gathering in august sometime so I can meet everyone. Will stop in for coffee sometime. Thank you! Terrie A Brooks, Parksville BC

July 2017 Amazing bed, so supportive and comfortable. No more back ache in the morning. Wish we had got one sooner. We both love it! Delivered and set on time and Neelam was great to deal with. Stew and Sue W, Qualicum Beach

July 2017 On my old mattress which was, I thought, was well supporting. I tossed and turned all night due to sore shoulders and hips with the Ironman mattress I quite often wake up in the same position that I fell asleep and no more sore points. It gives you an incredibly satisfying sleep. Love it! Steve Wiens, Nanaimo

July 2017 Yes, we are pleased with the comfortable sleep our Ironman mattress is providing find sleeping with both head & feet elevated appear to have improved most of our medical conditions. Sherwood, Qualicum Beach

July 2017 Hello Sukh, We love our bed! The vibration is great for my legs. This bed is super comfortable, love the adjustable base, great for reading or T.V. All in all, super comfortable. Sukh was informative, friendly but not pressuring us at all. We are very happy with our new bed. Thank you M&N mattress shop. Rob and Cathy Baker, Nanoose Bay

July 2017 Both my wife and I enjoy our new mattress immensely. We get a much better sleep and are thrilled with our purchase. Thanks so much M & N Mattress Shop for you assistance in choosing the right mattress for our needs. Richard Beevers, Nanaimo

July 2017 I really like the Ironman mattress very much. I am comfortable and sleeping very well. I like sleeping with my head elevated. I also like the latex pillow. Richard and Doreen Hampton, Nanoose

July 2017 I purchased on Ironman bed because of arthritis. By raising the lower part of the bed it relieves pressure on my knees and feet. Frequently I no longer wake up in pain. Also I have found that because the mattress is firm and soft I can do my stretching exercises right in bed. I am thoroughly enjoying my Ironman. Pamela Toth, Parksville

July 2017 Sukh, We’ve used our Ironman Recovery Mattress for the past week. It’s made sleep a pleasure again. No need to move or roll over, no tossing during the night. When either of us gets up the other doesn’t realize it or wakes. Great product! Very glad we chose this over the traditional type of mattress. P.S We’re also very happy that our special mattress cover doesn’t slip off on any of the corners as this was a major peeve with our old-style bed. It seemed no matter what mattress protector we would buy the corners would always slip. Very frustrating. Now we’re set for life! Thanks again! Mike and Lori P, Cobble Hill

July 2017 I love my Ironman mattress. I wish I’d known about it years ago. I would have always loved one now that I’ve slept on it for 2 months. I am eagerly awaiting my niece, who is an Ironman competitor, to visit so that she can try it out too. Lynda Gibson, Parksville

July 2017 We love our new “Ironman” bed. My husband was reluctant to give up his old bed but now wishes we had changed years ago. Karen Kenyon, Nanoose Bay

July 2017 Although no bed can cure all my sleep issues I am very happy with our purchase. The bed is very comfortable and being able to raise the foot and head when needed is a bonus. Jann Bain, French Creek

July 2017 I am very happy with our Ironman Recovery Mattress. I am sleeping much better. Esther Oliver, Qualicum Beach

July 2017 My Ironman bed is a god sent. I love it. I was a bit skeptical at first and reaserached for over a year and a half. I suffer from post polio and have 2 heineated discs in my back. Most mornings I was awakended by the pain. It was all I could do to getout of bed in the morning. Most nights I was in so much pain I got up and took more pain killers trying to get comfortable enough to fall asleep since Im sleeping on my Ironman. I have not been taking extra pain meds. I donèt wake up in pain at night. Its easier to get out of bed in the morning. Debbie Jestin, Qualicum Beach

July 2017 Purchasing a mattress and ergomotion adjustable base from M&N Mattress in Parksville was very gratifying and pleasant experience. Sukh and Neelam conduct themselves in a warm, engaging and professional manner. They are strong and effective advocates for their products but never at any time did I feel any pressure to buy nor did they ever try to up sell. I did purchase an Ironman pure energy sleep system and my sleep pattern has improved dramatically. It became ever better with a later addition of the softide ergomotion adjustable base. Delivery and set up of both products was on time and set up was also effected efficiently and professionally. Thus far at least both have proven to be a very a worthwhile investment. Dale Euerby, Nanaimo

July 2017 Outstanding bed & Mattress combination. Matched by the customer service. Alex Van Amerongen, Ladysmith

July 2017 I’m sleeping better than I have in years. The bed is really well made and very comfortable. Thank you! Michael Mcpherson, Victoria

Ironman Testimonials:

May 2017 I appreciate the attitude of the shop making it possible to choose the right density of foam, and as they say, “you get what you pay for”. I have spinal stenosis and finding a bed that allows me to sleep comfortably is a great relief. I recommend the service and the product. Thanks again M&N Mattress Shop. Diana Lockwood, Parksville

May 2017 We have experienced great improvement in quality of sleep since purchasing our Ironman mattress with adjustable bases from M&N Mattress. We have noticed we do not toss and turn all night and we no longer wake up with sore back, feeling achy and stiff. We find ourselves sleeping longer because we are so much more comfortable. Linda & Rodger Howard, Parksville

February 2017 I love my new double Ironman mattress set. I sleep the night, and feel refreshed in the morning. Thank you, Sukh K for all your help. Marie Stashuk

Feb. 2017 The Ironman mattress was a totally new experience for my wife and me. Arlene loved it the first time she slept on it but took about a week for me to enjoy it probably due to my damaged back. However, there is no way I would go back to my previous mattress that I thought was a fairly good one. Now with our new latex mattress, I can benefit from a good night sleep. I would recommend M&N Mattress Shop because they sell a very good quality product and the service there is excellent. André Bérubé, Nanaimo, BC

Oct. 2016 Alice really likes the Ironman Mattress, no rolling into the middle, finds it nice and firm. Angus (the dog) likes the bed, but finds it a bit high. I also like the firm mattress, but has been struggling with a sore back, not doing anything for that. I think it is just the body getting old, no fault of the mattress. Alex and Alice Charles, Qualicum Beach

Oct. 2016 We love our new Ironman Mattress. It feels wonderful to get up in the morning without a sore back! This bed is so comfortable, you almost don’t want to get out of bed. Thanks for the wonderful customer service M&N, from your sale to the follow up, you were great. Debra Murphy, Parksville

Oct. 2016 The Ironman Recovery Mattress is amazing! Wish we had one 20 years ago. Quality of sleep has improved dramatically. My lower back (Degenerating discs L 5, 6, 7) is not sore after sleeping on this mattress. My wife has noticed vast improvement, more support for her scoliosis. The pillows are great too. Fabulous combination. Doug and Rene Hall, Parksville

Oct. 2016 The folks at M&N Mattress Shop have been very helpful and informative. We are very pleased with our new Ironman Recovery Mattress. We awake rested and refreshed. Thank you Frances McKay, Parksville

Oct. 2016 Love the new Ironman Mattress. My chronic back pain has gone from 95% sore to 5% , sometimes even 0. Haven’t had refreshing sleep like this for years. Garry Calvert, Courtenay B.C.

Oct. 2016 We love our new Ironman Mattress. It is a treat to wake up with no aches and pains and feeling refreshed. Thank you for the professional service and expert delivery Gary and Mary-Ann, Sooke B.C.

Oct. 2016 I love my Ironman bed because it re