3 Ways Adjustable Beds Help With Mobility & Health

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Mobility is something that is easily taken for granted. Getting up and walking is a function we get so used to that it can be devastating if it starts to decline.

Taking care of our mobility through exercise, stretching and self care becomes ever more important as we age. Studies have shown that once a person’s mobility is affected, it has a domino effect on other aspects of physical and mental health.

One area where it’s easy to invest in long-term mobility health is in the way we sleep, particularly what type of mattress we sleep on. Many older people say that as their bodies age, it becomes harder to wake up feeling well, and that it is more difficult to get into and out of bed.

If this is the case, it might be time to consider the benefits of an adjustable bed. Adjustable beds can help with mobility and health in a number of ways. Here are just a few:

Pain Relief

No two people are the same, and people’s needs will change from one person to the next. Adjustable beds are great because they offer solutions to a variety of problems. They can recline in various positions and angles, and this can help relieve chronic pain caused by arthritis, sciatica, spinal problems, poor blood circulation or even just general stiffness.

By being able to lower the legs or lift the spine, for example, a person will be able to relieve pressure on aching body parts. In addition, if a person is bed bound for longer periods of time than the average eight hours a day, adjustable beds can reduce the risk of bed sores. Bed sores occur from laying in one position for extended periods of time and are difficult to heal. Adjustable beds are an excellent tool in helping eliminate the risk of this painful condition.

Easy entry and exit

One of the thing that worries people as they age is the increasing difficulty of getting into and out of bed every day. Not only is there physical discomfort, there is the mental stress that weighs on a person because of the fear of a lack of independence.

Adjustable beds can alleviate both the physical pain and mental anguish by raising a person up to get out of bed, and gently lowering them down once they’re in bed. This simple step might not seem like much to a person with good mobility, but on the contrary, it can have a hugely positive impact and can increase a person’s feeling of independence.

Improved quality of sleep

Having a poor night’s sleep has a negative, cyclical effect. Each morning, waking up tired and sluggish, cranky and sore, leads to a tough day ahead. Then it might be more difficult to fall asleep that night because of the stress you are feeling from the bad day you just lived through.

Having the ability to create a comfortable and customized sleeping set up that is right for you will help improve your sleep. This, in turn, will have long-lasting effects on your mental health and physical health. Adjustable beds help people find their ideal sleep position, they help people get comfortable so they can relax, fall asleep and wake up feeling good.

There really is no substitution for a good night’s sleep. And it is closely tied in to a person’s physical and mental health. We should each be doing all we can to improve our health, whether that’s taking care of our mobility or ensuring a proper night’s rest.

If you have any questions about whether or not an adjustable bed is right for you, stop by our showrooms in Parksville and Nanaimo. We can show you how they work and discuss whether or not an adjustable bed is right for you.