3 Great Bed Products You Can Find in Parksville

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Not sure which Bed Types are the best?

M&N Mattress has provided our top 3 bed types below:

If you’re not getting the great sleep you should be getting and believe your mattress or bed is at the root of the problem, you’ll be glad to know there are some high-quality bed products available to you at your Parksville mattress store. New technology and eco-friendly materials have been introduced to many of the bed products on the market today. If you are getting ready to go bed shopping in the Parksville or Nanaimo areas, be sure to consider these products, which are designed to give you the good night’s sleep you dream about.


Ironman Bed

Ironman Beds are designed to provide you with a healthy night’s sleep. Engineered with the optimum level of support your body needs to repair itself from the day’s activities, Ironman Beds will have you waking up feeling completely rejuvenated. If you often wake up with stiffness or even pain, you should talk with your Parksville mattress store and Ironman Bed supplier about all the benefits these beds can provide. With its highly innovative sleep technology, Ironman Beds have state-of-the-art mattresses that improve the quality of your sleep by increasing oxygen flow. This oxygen increase is excellent for your muscles, which will feel refreshed and lively once you awaken in the morning.


Cabinet Beds

If you live in a small home or you simply want more space in a bedroom, consider a beautiful cabinet bed. Your Parksville mattress store carries cabinet beds that are constructed in British Columbia and sustainably made with wood. A cabinet bed transform into a comfortable bed within a few moments. It’s just as easy to return it to its cabinet state. As a lovely piece of furniture, the cabinet can support up to 500 pounds. If you don’t require the use of a bed on a daily basis, you might use it to support a television or simply to complement any room of your home with its characteristic elegance. These beds are ideal as space savers so they make great additions to home offices or small bedrooms. The best part is that they are ultimately designed to be beds, to provide the support and comfort your body needs for a restful night’s sleep.


Organic Natural Mattress

You can enhance your sleep when you purchase an organic mattress. Organic beds are designed with eco-friendly materials that are non-toxic and ideal for you to touch and sleep on. Organic mattresses were created in response to considerable worry that the fibers you touch or breathe near as you sleep could contain toxic materials. A Savvy Rest Mattress, for example, available at your Parksville mattress store is made with natural latex as well as organic wool and cotton. Whether you purchase a full-size mattress for you or a twin bed for a child, you’ll feel great knowing that your comfortable sleep is unfettered by potentially toxic materials.


The best thing to do is to visit your nearby mattress store and check out these beds to see how comfortable and well designed each is. You can also obtain more information from store staff about each type of bed you’re interested in.