11 Signs You’re Sleep Deprived

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Sleep deprivation is a serious condition with serious consequences. And many people don’t actually realize that they are sleep deprived until something serious happens like they get sick or do something absentmindedly that causes havoc.


Sleep deprivation is caused by a lack of consistent quality sleep. This can mean waking up several times throughout the night, or it can be the result of going to bed too late and waking up too early.


People often think they are getting enough sleep when in fact they are suffering from sleep deprivation. There are warning signs that this is the case.


Here Are 11 Signs that You Are Sleep-Deprived


  1. You often get sick: Feeling run down or having a lot of colds means that the immune system is suffering and having trouble warding off germs and disease, often caused by sleep deprivation.
  2. You are forgetful: being overtired stops protein synthesis in the hippocampus area of the brain. This mechanism controls memory, learning and emotions.
  3. You have mood swings: if you go from grumpy to excited and back to sour again, a lack of sleep might explain this rollercoaster. Sleep deprivation makes people more impulsive and reactive to negative stimuli.
  4. You are hungrier (and gaining weight): a lack of sleep can increase the output of the hunger hormone called ghrelin, which in turn makes a person eat more. And the more one eats, especially by giving into cravings for fat and sugar, the more weight a sleep-deprived person will eat.
  5. You feel clumsy: noticed that you are walking into things or knocking things over more? Sleep deprivation can mess with a person’s motor skills, leading to trips, spills, getting banged up and bruised.
  6. You’re having trouble focusing your eyes: tired people have a tired out ciliary muscle, which helps the eyes focus. So if the words are blurring on the page, more shuteye is a good place to start.
  7. You’re having trouble focusing your mind — a person’s ability to focus their mind and hold a line of thought, produce creative solutions and problem-solving are all affected by a lack of sleep.
  8. You’re not feeling frisky: chronically tired people often have a lowered libido. This can impact a person’s romantic relationship, as well as lead to long-term reduced sex drive.
  9. You are emotional: a lack of quality and sustained sleep makes a person more emotional, as well as less emotionally intelligent and less able to constructively think. It has a domino effect — you are less able to express, control or even be aware of your emotions.
  10. You doze off: with chronic sleep deprivation, the body will try to sneak in mini shutdowns whenever it can, like during work or while watching tv. This becomes very serious because it can also happen when you are driving.
  11. You are always tired: thanks Captain obvious but the clearest sign that you are sleep deprived is that you are always tired.


Never being rested is a very difficult way to move through life, and can actually be very dangerous. It can affect relationships, job performance, health, and wellbeing. One way to turn it around? Invest in a good quality mattress and get excited about going to bed. If you are looking for quality mattresses in Parksville, please visit our store.