The 10 Most Weird & Unusual Beds

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Crawling into bed at night is often considered the best part of the day. Especially if one has a good bed set up with a high-quality mattress and comfortable sheets — after a long day, bed time is truly a treat.

Most people keep it simple. Beds consist of a bed frame, box spring and mattress. Others, however, have taken the concept of a bed to a whole new level and have come up with some weird and unusual ways to redefine what a bed could be.

Here’s a list of the 10 most weird and unusual beds out there.

1. Vertical Bed

For those that dislike being horizontal, the vertical bed is here for you. The vertical bed is essentially a giant marshmallow pillow with an opening in the middle. This weird bed lets you step in to dreamy softness while it supports you to stand up to catch your zzz’s.

2. Private Cloud — Rocking Bed

Remember when you were a baby and your mom would rock you to sleep every night? How warm and cozy and safe you felt? Now you can get the same feeling with the adult sized Private Cloud. Built like a large horizontal rocking chair, the rocking bed will send you back to a time in your life when you didn’t have a worry in the world.

3. Giant Bird’s Nest

Sometimes you just feel like a bird. Or, at least, you’d like to. Now you can, with this weird and unusual bed. This cozy structure is shaped like a big nest, but don’t worry, there are no twigs included. The unique concept was designed for the Green Garden Exhibition, part of the opening event of O*GE Gallery, in April 2008.

4. “Le Beanock” — Hammock Bed

The perfect bed for anyone who has dozed off on a hammock and thought, “I wish I had one of these in my house.” Le Beannock is the answer to those dreams. Held up by four chains that you attach to the ceiling and constructed of heavy duty material, this hammock bed is incredibly comfortable and versatile. You can rework the setup to turn it into a sofa, or simply detach it if you need the extra space.

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5. Letto Zip

If you despise making your bed each morning, consider the Letto Zip bed. The functional design allows people to zip up a cover all the way around so you can’t see what’s inside. Perfect for those who like a clean, sleek look.

6. Magnetic Floating Bed

For those who wonder what it’s like to sleep in the future, this floating bed is like nothing else. Four industrial magnets keep the platform suspended in the air. It can hold up to 900 kg. And you will feel like a wizard each and every night.

7.“itbed” — Cardboard Bed

This is an excellent solution for small spaces that occasionally need a second bed. This unique bedding solution is made of cardboard that folds up like an accordion. You need to bring your own light mattress to lay atop of the structure but it’s a nice alternative to putting a mattress on the floor.

8. Giant Brush Bed

For those that want to feel like they’ve been swallowed up by a giant, soft brush. The Giant Brush Bed is comprised of large soft bristles that swallow you up for a comfy night’s sleep. It’s also a great reminder to brush your teeth every night.

9. Loft Bed

The loft bed might not exactly be considered weird and unusual anymore since it’s become a very popular option for small spaces. This functional design raises the bed and allows for extra storage underneath and comes in a wide variety of options these days.

10. Insomnia Curing Bed

Perfect for those that are plagued with insomnia and have many dollars to spend on a scientifically proven sleep-inducing bed. The futuristic looking bed is surrounded by four posts and curtains that automatically close once you lay down. Then, the temperature slowly lowers and white noise starts. An amazing solution, as long as you don’t have claustrophobia.